The Artificial Reality of the Present Human Social Construct

Most persons are asleep and fully oblivious of their own surroundings; many others are awake inside their own misperception of their presently constructed reality; most are fully connected to the same pseudo-realism, a retrograde and backwards environment where they most exist. This is a realism in which the masses have only one part to play as poppets to the puppeteers creating the present delusional construct. The construct is the desert of the real  Jean Baudrillard referred to. Despite the lack of a factual reality in our present social construct many die because of a fantasy; money, wealth, shelter, war even pain and laughter are constructed for us yet most are sleep or awake inside the dream. Money, despite its insipid fiat value, is a crucial tool to acquire shelter, food and all primary reinforces that are required to just sustaining life. Hundreds of thousands die every day because of a pseudo reality in the form of the present day construct of monetary value and scarcity that the system has set as the fundamental reality. The curtain is currently disintegrating and will inevitably fall and reveal the madness of this constructed world.


The most recent historical bridge connected to the presently constructed reality is seen in the writings of those who witnessed the arrival of European ships full of slaves to the new world over five centuries ago. In the words of the slave colonizers of the new world we get to hear the details about a primitive indigenous reality where mankind seemed free and equal beyond a mere nationalistic logo (Howard Zinn, 1980), a humanity connected to nature, its environment, and about those who lived in synergy with their surroundings for the most part. Then, we get to hear how the indigenous natives were told that there was a hierarchical order to this world, an arbitrary dissonant order that no one in the new world had ever heard of; that there was a bigoted, dogmatic and chauvinistic God in contrast to the pantheistic god the natives knew; the indigenous natives knew of the same benevolent god of Einstein and Spinoza. But this new God who arrived in the European ships had representatives in this world, and holly books to reaffirm his despotic precepts. Soon, abundance turned into scarcity for all, except those representing the gods in their own divine socially constructed right. The concept of hell became a new reality beyond any construction for those who lived in paradise.


Before long, Martin Luther and Calvin  appeared with the most ingenious form of reality, the prosperity gospel as highlighted by Max Weber in 1930 as Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism where the seed for the divine right of rulers is set in a parsimonious manner for the masses; wealth is given by god only to those who god favors therefore poverty is for those undeserving of such favors because of their sin or their slothfulness. The factual reality of abundance in the new world is now changed from individual self-determination to one of a tyrannical hierarchical order where gods and kings stand above their mortal imperfections even above those who they are inferior to in nature and substance.


The direct democracy practiced by native tribes is quickly replaced by the travesty of absolute monarchical leaders without a conscious and without a soul; leaders sent by a god from a tyrannical world; gods who have abdicated almighty power to those endowed with the divine right to rule above all equal humans slaved by the new reality. Paradise in the new world became the European oblivion of monarchy and slavery disguised as civility. Soon pillage and plunder followed the reign of the lesser mortals who represented a despot deity from hell. Soon, all natural resources stopped believing to the collective and became the possession of a tyrant ruler who all slaved followed because god had granted this ruler the divine right to rule and to own the earth above all others.


The new order created in the new world, within the construct of hierarchical strata and divinely blessed capricious rulers, soon becomes the main provider of natural and human resources to the old obsolete European construct. Europe, a place where resources had been depleted due to lack of planning, pillage and plunder, unlike the American continent where the native indigenous people planned all crops and resources for future generations and for their renewal. The lesser European mortals appeared like gods from another world but behaved like demons grown by the scum of the earth. The lesser mortals world was to be transplanted to the new world eradicating all evidence of collectivism and cooperation and replacing them with an egotistical self centered shallow ruler who represented the god of another universe, one universe without kindness, without compassion and materialistic to the point of no return.


For many centuries, after the arrival of the inferior lesser mortals constructed Europeans, the colonies were not only subject to the enslavement of their native indigenous citizens, the righteous inhabitants of the land and owners of its resources, but they also become the greatest source of natural resources for the old world. Pillage and plunder became the order of each day by ransacking the wealth of the colonies, stealing from a new land to take back to the old continent to a backward land where resources had been already depleted due to lack of planning, the resources of the new world are to be usurped by those deserving of the gods capricious impulses; impulses which are the clear fruit of strata hierarchical order which allows rulers the full impunity to any massacre or crime committed. The law or condemnation for such atrocities does not exist as the usurper rulers are the ones writing and executing all laws in the new world and elsewhere without any regard to consequences. Even today, the natives fight to just protect the few natural resources left, such as water, that the European unrestrained descendants and their usurped capital have not yet depleted.



WHATEVER humans are, beyond a constructed and artificial reality, must be found in their innate environment where all memories are soon being forgotten. Linear evolution may be a valid conception only in the face of such innate environment and never in the face of an artificially constructed concrete wall which restraints and represses all that is great about the human species: Cooperation, solidarity, collectivism, shared resources and environmental equilibrium, equality of gender, individual and groups; the right to become a self-determinant agent and the right to find something that a great philosopher suspected, the making of all other creatures ends in themselves and never means to an end. The obvious is the existing ecological disaster of unsustainable fossil fuels and all earth resources.


A WORLD upside down where humans are like fish out of water but blamed for not properly adapting to pillage and plunder, and the endless inhumane set of expected behaviors; competition, selfishness, disarray with one’s own environment, the exhaustion of resources without restraint or planning, the realization of impulses not intrinsic inside oneself but the result of an inept constructed order all around us. The meanings which are re-conceptualized in order to mean something else even the opposite to what they originally meant.


SOCIETY runs as a reflection of the state. The state is the main tool of the socially constructed nightmare we live in today. Those who refuse to adapt to this upside world should be labeled pariahs and rejected by society despite the fact that there may be absolutely nothing wrong with an ocean fish who refuses to be a corn farmer in Iowa growing corn to feed salmon fish tanks. To begin with, salmon should not eat corn and neither should a farmer be growing corn for such backwards purposes; second, a fish should be out of water as a farmer. Society disagrees, all actions which find other beings as means to an end instead of ends in themselves are valid under this artificial and backwards constructed reality. War for profit is considered grand if it perpetuates profits at the expense of human deaths. All living systems are in disarray and in a clear manner heading to the sixth extinction including humanity. The status quo inside this zeitgeist is seen as the gold standard for a society so immerse in its own destruction that cannot even conceive its own demise at the end of its path.