The Pursuit of Narcissus’ Perfect Artificial Vagina

NARCISSISM is all about perfect image and façade. We have all seen the narcissist creators every time we turn the tube on and see any byproduct of advertising or marketing. Forget substance and forget content, it is all about cover and front. Humanity has submerged into the abyss of oblivion when all media and societal culture in developed nations construct the artificial reality. Such socially constructed reality is far from ideal as it is never aligned with intrinsic human primitive traits but with ideals based on artificial values, a contradiction on its own. The masses will pursuit the society which is constructed for them with absolute full disregard if such society is innately primitive to humanity’s core or simply a distant eternity from its true reality. The masses get confused and continue to pursuit and find the perfectly shaped artificial reality while simultaneously ignoring their human roots. Soon primitive is a sin, artificial is heaven. Little by little this pursuit of artificiality has led humanity to the pursuit of a mock of a reproductive organ; a shaved vagina resembling some idealized purity of prepubescence years while simultaneously aligned with a false image of cleanliness and virginal integrity. But the female organ misogynistic mutilation does go beyond labiaplasty and Brazilian waxing and into the realm of female self-hatred.


Humanity is heading to a world where humans are unable to find their identity as this has been robbed by the artificial world around them and that which is far worse, an empty facade without substance and as real as the hierarchical system among imperfect mortals. Women must abandon the shape of their bodies so the consumption society can indoctrinate the youth into not only the mutilation of a female anatomy but the hatred for its primitive form. Heterosexual males are not to feel aroused by the presence or smell of pubic hair or even vaginal labia as these too must be removed so not to offend the homophobic misogyny in modern insecure males of the human species.


ALL HUMAN parts within our physiological realm are essential to exist and interact with our environment. Body hair is one of these parts, like all others, with a biological purpose. Body hair helps the human body keep its temperature and even warmth in the winter. Body hair also helps cool the body and protects from foreign objects and organisms depending of its location. Pubic hair is one of the most intimate of this body parts. Pubic hair helps maintain our genitalia’s temperature but nothing helps us more that the fact that this organ is beautiful and unique as to what shapes pertains.


However, those having the most to lose by rejecting our human identity and embracing the artificial, must remain engaged in a world which demands culpability for their primitivism, their humanity.  Many engage in the acceptance of a pseudo reality which is socially constructed by those who do not even know what a tree is within the dominion of a forest. The artificially constructed engineers are indeed pursuing the creation of a being which views pubic hair as an anomaly and not as an integral part of what humans are therefore rejecting an intrinsically innate component in exchange for an artificial misperception. Pubic hair offends the narcissists and homophobes trapped int the closet. Vaginal Labia offends the gay man trapped inside the Alpha male with the small brain. Our society succumbs to a travesty, a required act of discarding what a vagina is for what a vagina should never be.


DECADENCE is all around us in a hierarchical society; a pseudo society which thrives due to strata on the misery of others at one’s expense. Ours is a society where the empty brains become possessed by the spirit of shallowness, superficiality rules, small talk and minimalistic views. We can see it all around us, advertising everywhere showing us how to be even shallower and how to lose one’s own substance while being properly slaved by a decadent system in endless retrogression. This is an upside world where the empty souls rule over those with substance. Hierarchy has the ability to provide this power and even beyond.


Hierarchical order can force those superior mortals to obey lesser mortals. Hierarchy has created these shaved vaginas everywhere so females see themselves as clean even when they are dirty and shaved. Purity, is a matter of perception, the artificial argue, not a matter of fact. So facts become irrelevant because they are not reality they are just perception. Then, we end up with a shallow, artificial and fact-less society where true instincts are replaced by capricious anger rages, the fruits of hierarchical order, and true drives disappear in the pseudo adventures of the artificial. Sexuality becomes a control issue between master and slave, a fictitious act, the fruit of shallow images perceived but never realized by the true nature of its participants. The puppets learn to play the puppeteer. Since the puppeteer is surreal so is the pseudo reality created.


HOW does one cure our society from an inhumane idea? How does one cure one’s society from a counterproductive artificial idea? How do we recover our human roots in the face of an artificial world of make believe? Perhaps the answer to the whole debacle is to return to primitive values; values which reflect society’s intrinsic worth, cooperation instead of competition, horizontal governance instead of despotism, and kindness instead of intolerance. Although we must recapture the sentiments lost, the connections that made us part of the whole, friendships worth the trust, and lovers worth the affection. And regarding the artificial shaved vaginas, these must be kept clean but natural, if hairy is the natural form; then lovers must feel intoxicated by the pheromones that raise their libido to the stars without artificial chemicals and artificial romantic aids of any kind. Nonetheless, even beyond recapturing the innate behaviors and human emotions is the reconnection with mother earth and the symbolic female body in its organic form. To once again feel the connection to another being without the artificial surroundings or the shallow raping of one’s organic shape.


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