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Is it what People want what they get after elections? 

INDIVIDUALS attempt to make sense of the political circus that we are all experiencing since the election of the new administrator, the apprentice in chief. Human beings do have a vote, a diluted vote may we add, thanks to Citizens united but a vote none-the-less. Individuals need to decipher what takes place behind the demagogy veil of politics. All politicians promise heaven and earth but none of the elected ones have ever delivered; in fact, heaven is far away from what the current political structure has created with endless wars, workers unable to make ends meet since they do not even earn a living wage. Many call for a leader, a savior, a messiah to rescue us from the current crooks’ parade of endless political elections and reelections. Human beings know what is best for them except that someone relabeled values and ethics so now the crooks are the righteous and poverty is freedom while democracy is hell.  The Orwellian nightmare is alive and became our present reality, big brother is here to rule, we must wake up from this nightmare if we are to be free again.


The obvious electoral fraud is committed by believing that a crook in sheep’s clothing knows what only people themselves know best: How they want to determine the course of their lives. Under the current sociopolitical paradigm individuals elect a person to represent their interests. This person is elected based on a parade of never kept promises since poverty, unemployment, endless wars, and the most expensive and dysfunctional healthcare in the world are still here, so this representative democracy, a republic, is worthless since it can’t function for the People, the constituents. The endless parade of lies never end, from austerity in a world of Fiat Money and record earnings to climate change denial. Election day should be called the day we elect the best crooks to exploit and cause pillage and plunder in our land.   



Two Democracies out of Endless Failed Versions

One key issue here is that we live in countries ruled by representative democracies and not in any form of a direct democracy. Many argue that we are a republic and not a democracy but what is a republic  but a representative democracy? However, since words have lost their meaning, a republic must be this twisted form of government where citizens are sheep and obey without questioning and crooks make decisions without being ever found accountable. But let’s first consider watching what each form of  democracy means, the direct democracy vs. the representative democracy and then come back here to this intellectual intercourse interaction.


If the Government gives it then the Government can take it Away

Another crucial issue is the societal flagrant disconnect to its institutions. Voting to elect crooks who sound good is not what can even be considered a deranged democracy yet this is all we have. This disconnect comes in the form of a clear understanding that there is a major broken link between people and their government. The U.S. populations is trained from an early age to understand and even to normalize the inconceivable to any rational human being anywhere else in the world: That one can simultaneously serve two masters; to Serve the Corporate State versus serving the Quasi Pseudo-democracy which serves as the Nanny State for Corporations but never the People it claims to represent. People are unable to trust what their government gives as this government is not really their government despite the fact that voters elect these crooks. Elections are always paid and won by the majority of those voting for the representatives of a corporate state who serves the oligarchy but never the people it claims to represent. When we look at our failed democratic process, we can easily see the big elephants in the room as they proudly stand, like lobbyists on the hill. One issue that has been perpetuated for a few centuries now is the idea that full grown and mature adults need a leader, a savior of some sort, one who can rescue them from the other evil leaders. Our children are educated in an equal manner and even more deficient each day so the machine can continue producing the most ignorant and gullible citizens who can be easily persuaded by misleading words and overt betrayal.


The reality isn’t remotely close to People getting what they want except to say that there is a democratic travesty when the People in constitutional democracies call for a chosen one to represent their interests. Typically, these so called representatives, basically politicians in expensive suits and fully disconnected from the true needs of communities across the land, will epitomize anyone but the People they claim to represent. Furthermore, these manufactured figures are also fully inept and incapable to social problem solving. The fact of being elected is fully disconnected from the actual ability to solve problems regardless of economic advisers and other parasitic aids who appear to come to the rescue. The main idea is to tell the masses, during political campaigns, what appears to be solution yet these are known proven failures such as tough on crime, free market fantasies, ethnocentric support for products manufactured in foreign lands by foreign workers who do not even have labor rights, etc. The more inept the political figure, the longer the applause received by the figure and the more the support at the ballots; all thanks to the magic of demagogy, discourse and oratory practiced on a fully ill informed population. 



EVERY TWO to four year election’ cycles, people in all world populations go bizarre searching for the perfect crook with honest intentions. Many choose to believe they have elected the best fit for the job, not because of this representative’s actions or endorsements but because of this representative’s eloquence and demagogy. The corrupt find it quite easy to convince the masses of followers that the criminal actions they have taken are the best we can do. The manner in which People are fooled is quite simple, first people must be uneducated or ill educated so they are gullible enough to believe the crook with the biggest smile and best poker face is the one telling the truth.  Then the political figure will move to ill inform the masses by creating an enemy, typically foreigners, or socialists or terrorists or communists or anyone who in actuality is not the true enemy. Then the sophists will close their political speeches by proposing a solution that will involve an action which will always fail but such action will cause the crook’s campaign contributors and donors lots of wealth or social control one way or another. The military industrial complex is a money making machine at the expense of human suffering by the creation of mass manufactured friends and foes.


Democracy has slipped away from the hands of the People and it is now officially in the hands of a corporate aristocracy, the oligarchy behind the scenes, the man behind the curtain, big brother and the democratic process agonizes in the land of alleged freedom and bravery, representative but not true freedom that is, brave slaves who defend their masters and yes, in the good old USA. These days the masses supervise themselves by self restraining and never doing anything which will cause a better or even an improved society which has always been labeled as utopian.  The learned helplessness and the realities of all Milgram experiments could not have said it more clearly, People surrender their will to the responsibility of others if they view themselves not as autonomous but as followers. Our citizens see themselves as victims to their chosen victimizers. Who could argue that Edward Bernays was not right in his Propaganda book arguments? Advertising and marketing have made the pseudo-reality of oblivion possible for a masochist population to enjoy. Or it this the opposite? Has the faulty environment based on exploitation create these masochists? According to the status quo: One should always be obedient to god and country by never questioning authority, specially the authority of the state, the only state there is, the nanny corporate state. 



Demagogy in the Time of Confusion

THE main challenge is to convince those who are being fooled by the system that they have been fooled. More often than not people are quite gullible and naive when it comes to politics; anyone can see this last pathology but the voters seeking relief from a corrupt system. Soon, things appear to take a turn to the better and out of the blue, every six decades or so, a candidate appears and is allowed to make a series of little improvements never caused before. The oligarchs do not worry as these are temporary compromises and sooner than later the little accomplished will be undone since the social cancer that causes all human suffering is yet to be removed, the hierarchical order within the system. Political crooks are like good cop and bad cop, they are for the most part corrupt so to attempt to find an honest politician crook is probably not, in any fashion, the way to solve the problem of a decadent and dysfunctional infrastructure. Political parties are also irrelevant since solutions are never bipartisan or split in any fashion. It is indeed the people, while being fully informed, the ones who must make all decisions instead of the elected crooks. A political figure should just be a messenger who carries the people’s will and nothing more or nothing less. 


Typically these types of savior candidates happen to appear as the pressure mounts to higher levels and the population is about to revolt; our most recent pressure time was between the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II. The system for the oppress releases little pressure  and the masses settle for letting the tyrants remain in power. Last time all it took was food stamps, social security microscopic retirements and minimum wage, all paid entitlements by the workers and with the workers’ money. The system self reforms when pressured and in a temporary fashion so to impede a drastic and absolute overhaul. The system then appears to work temporary just to reignite itself a little later. Since political campaigns are not Public but privately finance then the interests of the top 1% are protected at the expense of the entire population. The U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United caused this issue to worsen even more. Since the main issue is that a higher strata in a pyramid scheme, a hierarchical system, will always get preference over those below. Even though the system claims equal protection under the law the crude reality is quite another. Politicians are not only fully unfit for the job they do but they are also unable to serve two masters, the oligarchs above and the good hard working people below as these are absolutely different interests.


In the early 1930’s and 1940’s Labor had organized, protesting was at the order of each day and the pitch forks could be heard approaching Washington, then the inconceivable changes started to happen; eight hour days, forty hour weeks, retirements, food stamps, marginal corporate taxes reached 94% without any effort, etc. How easy does the population forget when and how it happened; how even easier the population forget that it happened… But this was a fluke, a temporary fix and a flash of a blessing meant to temporarily safeguard the parasitic structures behind the scenes; it meant to save them from annihilation by the labor and working class. The idea of a just world petrifies the criminal mafia running society. These rare times were just a temporary surrender so the oligarchy could reassemble and continue the pillage and plunder at a later time under more deregulation and surrounded by political allies including the indolent within the people and system, it always works this way.


RIGHT after Roosevelt’s death in 1945, the enemies of happiness, labor and humanity began to reassemble and to strike back. Too much had been lost for these economic parasites; now they had to pay an annual marginal tax of 94% to deal with, and now they were not able to keep all of the workers’ labor earnings, not even the labor surplus, but only a small fraction of it. How dare those workers producing the entire nation’s wealth dare to ask to keep a portion of it, manage it and invest it in the well-being of the entire society, the entire collective and community? Once again we see that the system will protect those above while claiming equal protection for all to the masses. The interests of the oligarchs are far different from the working class population as the needs on the lower strata are always different. The working class, due to the pyramidal scheme of the hierarchical order, suffers from access to most items in a safety net beginning with a paid living wage. The working class also deals with debt due to privatization of services caused by the last forty years Neoliberal policies. These neoliberal policies removed taxation to the oligarch class making it even more challenging for workers to access services may these be higher education, or  Healthcare even retirements. Government depends on borrowed money to pay for war and tax breaks that the oligarchs refuse to pay despite the implicit social contract. 


From the oligarchy’s point of view, the same counterproductive point of view defended by the poor and middle classes being brainwashed by advertising and marketing and the tube: How daring and how insolent of the workers to believe that they could manage their own wealth created and even more daring, to believe that they can manage their own lives? Enemies need to be created. The unions had to be vilified, divided and dismantled so labor could properly be exploited and abused once again. Unions and regulations protecting workers had to be viewed by the workers as the enemy and not as they actually were, labor’s only friend. Soon government after government beginning with Lyndon Johnson flipped the entire country started turning even further right than it already was; there were still glimpses of protection for the workers and the People as the Civil Rights movement did have a positive societal impact in many areas mainly in the 1960’s and the South of the country.


A Buddhist Quote Resonates Inside the U.S.

The Buddhists have an old phrase which clearly embodies the endless times the U.S. has moved forward and then has taken many steps back in a clear retrogression phase. Buddhists argue that “…when there is no enemy within then there is no enemy without…” Despite the entire national pride and embracing of the word freedom, the U.S. as a nation does lack all the elements for its citizens to be considered free from any socio-economic standpoint. Yes indeed, without freedom man is having a syncope episode. The U.S. today, contrary to the period of mixed economy from 1940-1980, spends 100 times more at war than what is spent with all of the social expenditure programs combined. The enemy must be within and the enemy must be in power if there is no enemy within then there should be no enemy without. One can never be free if one’s daily bread and life sustain depends on a job or a wage or a salary of any kind while living in a world of abundance which is restraint by manufactured free markets’ scarcity. Despite the truth contained in the previous statement, such statement it is bound to be socially challenged by masochists all over so let’s test the idea:

Testing the Preconceived & Socially Constructed Pseudo-Reality

Who is the Essential Human Element in any Economic Venture, is it the workers making all effort possible or is it the parasitic entity collecting all the worker has produced under the excuse of fiat money or rank or any other delusional hierarchy? Just remove the workers from any human endevour and leave only the leadership class, the upper class, can the upper class, the so called leaders, run the enterprise without the workers? It is quite obvious that the parasitic strata cannot produce anything except steal, pillage and plunder from the working class. Now do the opposite, leave the workers and remove the parasitic upper class and see if the workers can perform and complete the endeavors at hand, produce. The answer is quite obvious yes, yet we are ever told how talented the parasites are while sitting on their wealth exploiting the workers and living of the sweat of their workers’ brows. 


For starters and the past 200 years, we have always had higher and lower strata in the U.S. whether this may grow or shrink depending on the historical period, these strata and societal layers do speak of citizens who are well fed and treated and many others who are not. The vast majority of our citizens do not have a safety net that is reliable or even tangible; for the most part, all socio-economic aspects of our societal quasi safety net are privatized and not aimed at actually providing a service and benefiting the People but instead these institutions are for profit and aimed at benefiting the heads of the corporate entities involved.


War is a Racket and War is Always for Profit, Pillage and Plunder

Patriots hate hearing any truth about war since war has always been idealized and vested with glory for god and country by the powers that be, the only ones benefiting from war. Patriots fail to see the forest for the trees as in actuality it is impossible that a grown human let another choose who will be friends and foes. The U.S. military spending is ridiculously high if we take into account that the next military powers are perhaps ten points below our position in armament and war spending. The U.S. has large hegemony worldwide which begs the question; if our spending on this area is actually necessary or just to flex a muscle or bang our chest to any nation who attempts to intervene and not be aligned to U.S. wishes of domination, pillage and plunder all over the globe?


Perhaps the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Citizens United granting unlimited amounts for political contributions as a form of speech is indeed a reflection of the cancer which prevent us from moving forward as a whole, as a nation and for the good of ALL its People and not just the oligarchy class above the People, mainly ethnic Caucasians. Patriots must wake up and smell their rusty chains and begin to realize that freedom to be a slave or to choose your master is not freedom at all. The ability to choose comes attached to an explicit intrinsic control of all social institutions, a safety net fully controlled by the people not a state controlled by the oligarchy and the crooks claiming to represent the people.

A Grim Future with the Most Potential, the End of Work as We Know It!

Automation and Mechanization is bound to eliminate most available manufacturing and even service jobs within the next ten years or even before. Products can and will be manufactured in mass by machines to be sold to penniless workers. The planet itself is in peril but humanity is in peril with the planet as the current system is finally revealed to be fully obsolete to solve any of the present human problems, a big surprised most far reaching thinkers had know for millennia. The hierarchical order designed by the divine right of rulers whether in wealth or strata will eventually come to an end. Are you ready for when this happens?


The Feasible Solutions Called Utopia: The following Playlist contains many potential solutions to societal problems: