The Three Pillars of US Cultural Cognitive Dissonance

WHEN you approach a U.S. patriot for an opinion on god and country the first word the patriot will utter is the word freedom. The patriot will, from that moment on, speak to you about freedom in all its forms; every other sentence will include the word freedom. Even as the patriot’s freedom claims will become a self-defeating issue every step of the way. The vast majority of the confusion and the fallacies come from contradictions inside the patriot’s claims. When we strip any distortion or dissonance from national discourse the first thing discovered is indeed that the last thing patriots defend today is actually freedom itself.


WHAT is a contradiction but a form of cognitive dissonance? The proper definition or conceptualization for Cognitive Dissonance must be made before we can even venture into engaging the idea of our utmost, obvious and intrinsic cultural contradictions. With the previous in mind, we must consider that the individual ordering the most number of extrajudicial executions without a trial is simultaneously the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, also known as the assassin in chief. If there was a Nobel Prize for Cognitive Dissonance, the 2009 assassin in chief will win it hands down. Cognitive Dissonance is the internal conflict experienced by an individual or social group when simultaneously holding two or more contradictory principles, beliefs, ideas, or social values.

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WHEN an individual or group implement an action that contradicts the existing principles, beliefs, ideas, or social values; or when the individual or group reject an idea or concept if confronted with new information that contradicts the already existing principles, beliefs, ideas, or social values then Cognitive Dissonance is taking place. In lay terms, a Cognitive Dissonance is a contradiction which makes any principle, belief, idea, or social value held by an individual or group fully invalid due to its opposing and self-defeating intrinsic positions.


The Three Pillars

The First Pillar:  The individual’s inability to see the forest for the trees. Humans appear to be able to discern good versus evil at face value although the reality is quite another; the human socially constructed reality dictates these values; each society determines what is considered good or evil within the realm of its own culture. The more and best informed individuals among us, or at least those who are able to sort out information, are those with the best chances to discern truth from propaganda. Mental schema plays a crucial role here; primarily when this schema is built rich in resources allowing individuals to critically think and challenge all ideas proposed in the social arena. The less or most ill  informed individuals, those with deficient schema or those who are very seldom exposed to information, will inevitably succumb to propaganda and believe on practically anything ran by the talking heads inside the tube or any form of MSM. The challenge here takes place when consent is fabricated for the masses via the mislabeling of an idea; due to the fact that great ideas are often usurped and hijacked in order to have them repackaged as something they are not. Mislabeling an idea is another way to undermine and even to kill a great idea.


OUR massive cognitive dissonance as a society is clearly witnessed in the mislabeling of ideas, this is how labor exploitation has become freedom these days but also how the welfare of society is now considered slavery and even tyranny.  According to the media slaved patriots among us, it is evil, tyrannical and bigotry to have any safety net represented in a welfare state although it is divine to provide corporate rescues in the trillions of dollars with public funding instead. Great ideas lose their meaning because they are stripped of their power by advertisers and marketeers. Soon, individuals in our corrupt society learn to become their own prosecutors and their own executioners for the crime of being not so good slaves. Our moral and ethical decadence goes beyond the irrational and into the realm of plain reality horror.


People in society lose not only their compass and aim for the common good; but they soon become aligned with the  tyrants and the despots. Democrats and Republicans when in reality they are just two heads that belong to the same Free Market Fantasy beast. Soon, the common person starts to act against his or her own interests and even against the elected governmental institutions failing to see that public institutions and public government are the only remaining tool for the redress of grievances even in a quasi democracy reflected in a failed republic such as the U.S. has become. The plutocratic corpotocracy is the large leech attached to the state government and it is fully supported by the manufactured MSM patriotism these days. The State as it is today exists for the well being of the corporate parasites above and for no other reason.


EACH worker becomes a productive entity inside any corporate enterprise in society, and sooner than later this worker is also taught to label him or herself as expendable, disposable. Simultaneously, the crooks usurping the mass power on top soon become mislabeled as essential or even as talented and even irreplaceable even as they clearly become nothing more than the scum at the bottom of a barrel. The talented corporate body which requires endless corporate welfare, rescues, and subsidies in order to exist and survive at the expense of the public producing all wealth, the workers. Our social Cognitive cancer is caused because of the widespread deficient mass modern education where our society is plagued with individuals or groups holding Cognitive Dissonance in the form of principles, beliefs, ideas, or even social values.


Cognitive Dissonance can be easily addressed and even cured via dialogue or the application of the Socratic or Scientific Method while simultaneously replenishing deficient schema, the acquisition of knowledge. Any principles, beliefs, ideas, or social value can be purged of contradictions if the previous methods are applied, first a rich and generous mental schema repertoire followed by the ability to engage in dialogue or the application of the Socratic or Scientific Method. A classical education would have given individuals born and raised in the U.S. a clear understanding of what it took to build Human and Civil individual Rights during the past three millennia and even before; not only for a few but for the whole all the way from the great Greek period. Not only in the west and Anglo-Saxon areas but for all of humanity. The ignorant bile spilled by a Eurocentric and ethnocentric patriot is nothing more than the byproduct of a huge lack of knowledge and understanding of society from a perspective other than what Max Weber refereed to as Capitalism and Protestant Ethics.


The Second Pillar is the hierarchical fallacy of the benevolent ruler When asking if the egg was before the chicken we must also ask if the unnatural need for a tyrant was before the need for the bastardized hierarchical order. Placing an imperfect mortal above another imperfect mortal makes as much sense as dressing a chimpanzee with silk and pretend this grants  the chimpanzee the divine right to rule over other identical chimpanzees of his own specie and rank. The idea that a representative ruler can replace a direct democratic process is what makes a fallacy of any form of democratic process within any hierarchical order. Servants have no voice because beggars can never be choosers, the patriot relinquishes his or her rights in order to serve a higher despotic order where he or she is assumed one of the two branches of tyranny, either as a master or as a slave, both equally detrimental to any horizontal rule of the egalitarian order.


THE arbitrary and tyrannical granting of power of one being over another is as despotic as any other aberration of the highest order. The idea of benevolent despotic rulers is not more valid than the idea of any cast or monarchy system. The true individual freedoms in the form of Human and Civil Rights can never be justified to be handed over to an unaccountable tyranny, a hierarchical order, under any excuse or precept. If individuals are to be truly free then the divine right of any leader or ruler must be the first thing that goes out the window. The quote: “…Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest…” could be easily re-adapted to present day as: ” …no human being will ever be free until the last authority figure (capitalist?) is strangled with the entrails of the last politician…”

Representative Democracy IS NOT Democracy

WHEN looking at our own human history there is one thing we will never find; and that is a walking contradiction such as a righteous despot or an honest crook. The idea that power corrupts absolutely goes beyond being a tangible truth and into the realm of the few palpable realities a human being can witness through out his o her life. The more we live the more we realize that over and over again, revolution after bloody revolution, have delivered nothing more than the endless repetition of oblivion. Sooner or later all just revolutions for the good of the whole will become the servants of the parasites above unless hierarchies and all forms of authority are indeed eliminated from society. Power assures today’s state of the world, hierarchical high power guarantees this. A population being exploited and demoralized succumbs to this. We see it every day in the news, how workers get fired by the thousands while corporations keep the top oligarchs well fed and employed while keeping, usurping, all the wealth that the workers have created for these parasites.


THE same way in which ideas are corrupted and re-conceptualize to become something they originally were not so does this need for tyrants also take shape. It is quite clear that an idea such as Socialism for the working class as it is socially constructed has been a catastrophe. Let’s begin with the basic socialist idea that workers, and never the parasites on top, or even much less an elite, must control all the means of productions. But what we have gotten instead is another form of capitalism misrepresented as socialism where in actuality there is no glimpse of socialism for the workers; even so this is conceptualize as a Socialism which is not and never will be because the workers do not control all the means of production in any of the so called socialist nations.


Human history is plagued with revolution after revolution; yet, all these failed revolutions have delivered nothing but what will become tyrannical governments due to the intrinsic hierarchical order that follows all authority and in present time capital based systems. Workers in China are not in power or even in control of the means of production despite the communist republic claim in the country’s slogan. When looking at the countries which claim socialist or communist status over the planet, all we see is just other forms of state capitalism or even neoliberalism misrepresented as something which they are not because the working classes in these countries are by far out of control when it comes to the means of production. Hierarchical governments guaranteed that humanity becomes trapped in an endless loop of self-repeating tyrannies and despots. The human despot will continue to self-replicate unless authority and all forms of hierarchy are replaced with direct democracy. Humanity still waits for the revolution which will deliver the despotic tyrant who will bring peace and justice to all but such tyrant never delivers anything more than the fulfillment of his or her own wishes which are the product of impunity and the fact that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The human problem is neither genetic nor cultural but that of governance. Humanity must evolve out of pyramidal schemes into horizontal egalitarian tangible realities.


WHEN using the term Socialism, as when using the original term Libertarian, one would imagine a world full of Cooperatives and where each worker has an input, a voice and vote into every decision making in society under a clear idea of Socialism; yet because this concept is bastardized and destroyed from within, then what we get instead is a sociopolitical structure where there is no difference between the bastardize copy of Socialism or even Libertarianism, tyrannical capitalism.  There is no difference because the idea has been destroyed as a concept and it has been implemented and applied with hierarchical principles of Capital, one despot ruler above and many being exploited or abused somehow bellow, and never with horizontal principles of and for the common good, nothing democratic about these concepts as they are embellished in society after they have been mislabeled to the fullest and the power of the common good has been extracted from them in actuality and handed to tyrannical rulers or despotic forms of capital investment where profit, and never the common good, take priority.

Noam Chomsky – Libertarian Socialism Contradicting terms

Capitalism, also known as what Chomsky calls “..the unaccountable tyranny” or the “Free Market fantasies…” on the other hand, gets to be conceptualized by the mass media and their manufactured consent as a synonym of democracy instead of what it truly is, the antonym of democracy. Capitalism gets to be re-conceptualized while it is misrepresented in all its shapes and forms, there is no benevolent tyrant, just as horse and sparrow never materializes in a human world in the form of tricked down economics or even wealth which falls from the sky after 40 years of neoliberal policies.


The Third Pillar: The two previous pillars are preambles to what the third pillar grants the rulers, impunity. Impunity is the reason the great philosopher La France argued that, the Law in its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread. It is quite obvious that such laws will never apply to the top 1% or the wealthy in any fashion and even when they do, there will be full vested impunity to those who write the laws which they never follow. The clause that claims that no one is above the law should have the exception clause of except for the wealthy and top 1% because these are indeed the ones fully immune from prosecution with a few exceptions under extremely rare historical circumstances.


IMPUNITY is defined as being exempt from harm, penalty or consequence. In any hierarchical order this impunity is always witnessed to shield the upper strata, the one percent above, the oligarchs writing the laws are also the ones exempt or immune from punishment or recrimination as consequence of such laws; it is so because these are also the ones, the oligarchs, who choose who the laws are applied to. The granting of higher status in a hierarchical order comes intrinsically attached with such impunity. This pyramidal scheme or hierarchy has always been created precisely with the purpose of providing not only power but in many instances absolute power to those said to be the rulers of others, the ones fully clocked with absolute impunity.


WHEN each individual in our society surrenders his or her own will and right to decision making to a representative or leader, regardless of this representative being elected or appointed, the worst travesty of justice is triggered like a cascade of endless injustices and consequences. From that moment on, the individual surrenders his or her personal liberty and right to choose his or her destiny to the will of the tyranny of another imperfect mortal. The previous typically and the vast majority of times attracts criminals and crooks who are drawn to this power positions as these positions provide them with all the impunity, control and wealth while simultaneously allowing them to be seen as if they were the benefactors and leaders of society.


WHAT is a leader and what does leadership imply? A leader is a chosen or self appointed individual with great demagogy and some times charismatic power, yet this is another imperfect mortal like the one he or she rules over. This person is to be the one making ALL the decisions on behalf of those who should have never surrendered their right to choose in the first place. Tyranny and Despotism by another name, that is leadership. Societal leaders, those elected, chosen or self appointed as decision makers by default in a faulty democratic process or even via inherited power, are criminals and despots in the making since the morality and ethics of a personal free will is not a matter that can be surrendered or even handed to a anyone much less for a despot to execute on behalf of someone else.


The decision making and its intrinsic and innate right for each individual to choose his or her destiny is not a matter that can be handed to anyone else, much less a crook, to decide. Each person must make the decisions that will impact his or her life and never another lesser and  imperfect mortal on their behalf or as a societal norm dictates as a despotic imposition violating all claims of free will. Our societal order is the oblivion of decision making. Impunity is the obvious consequence and effect of surrendering our free will to anyone else, be this individual elected or self appointed or chosen by the mass.


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