What do you mean by Artificial Intelligence?

You must first understand that humanity as a whole lives in a 100% artificially made society. We live in a socially constructed travesty of reality due to arbitrarily created hierarchical orders amongst identical beings of the same species, humans. This artificial society has mislabeled most of its socially re-constructed human behaviors; this artificial society also entertains the fallacy of causation without consequences. The present state of humanity is what Jean Baudrillard and even Jean Foucault referred to as the desert of the real. The socially constructed reality, by capital and the powers that be, has superseded the intrinsic and innate human reality. As wrongfully designed as this present socially constructed map is, being poorly and wrongfully drawn, it has obliterated these intrinsic and innate traits not only in humans but even nature itself. So, before we continue, it must be clear from here on that we live in a wrongfully constructed world reality A. reality made for endless wars, hunger, scarcity, pillage and plunder, exploitation, etc. all the previous aimed at maintaining a pseudo-hierarchical power in control. Primitive humanity had a horizontal rule where all imperfect mortals behaved as such and in cooperation to one another due to their condition; under the present pyramid scheme, the strata created above; a despotic and fallacious creation which controls all human and material resources therefore creating a world in absolute disarray full of scarcity wars, and dominated by powerful elites.


What is Social Construction?

Social construction refers to the byproduct, as result, of having a socially active organisms reactions, leading to the adaptation to a social order as means of integration.  Social construction of reality,  which is also social concept, is a theory of knowledge in sociology and anthropology as well as in communication theory. Social construction explores the evolution of simultaneously constructed understandings of the environment which forms the fundamentals for collective assumptions regarding  reality. The socially constructed environment where the organism develops maybe innate or artificial to the social organism that grows within a particular social system. At least three types of social construction have been identified:

  1. Feral construction: This type of construction refers to the lack of social construction by organisms of the same species as the feral organism. A child abandoned in the jungle after an airplane crash and raised by animals is an example of feral construction.
  2. Innate, Intrinsic or Natural Primitive Construction: Human beings in a primitive environment, without artificial, manufactured, or external influences other than other humans, are raised to cooperate with one another and to embrace the collective. Some of these traits have been described by Noam Chomsky and described as Innate Human Construction and these traits do include language. Primitive tribes prior to the last ice age appeared to have this construction only. Many scientists speculate as to if humans were always nomads or did embrace a more stable environment as temporary agriculture or moved within a restricted environment. These communities appeared to only have a horizontal type of rule with direct democracy. These communities appeared not to have scarcity of resources until the last ice age, or Last Glacial Period, created a nomadic forced migration. The New World that Columbus found upon arrival was a Natural Primitive Constructed world as detailed by Howard Zinn using the new comers’ journals and diaries, in their own words.
  3. Artificial Human construction: Our present human society with its decadent and retro hierarchical system. Our present human society which displays a full lack of social justice and full of despotism running wild due to its unnatural hierarchical order. Our present society is fully disconnected from its intrinsic or innate construction while living in perpetual wars, engaging competition instead of cooperation, and practicing full scarcity of natural resources despite their abundance, the causing of its own sixth extinction via forced use of fossil fuels use while refusing to engage a full blown array renewable energy and horizontal rule paradigm of governance. We are now living inside the desert of the real, an illusion in the form of a nightmare.


What is Human Intelligence?

Human Intelligence is a topic which can be greatly expanded to a few encyclopedias and then some. There is not just one kind of intelligence but intelligence can be a situational behavior of making wise choices within a specific environment leading to better adaptation. Human Intelligence, contrary to folkloric believes, is not an ethnic or cultural ability only appearing and manifesting in one social group. Intelligence appears as the key that opens the next door and moves organisms forward within the realm of time and space. On thing is clear regarding intelligence and this is that there is  no such a thing as linear evolution since first discoveries can derail all that is known about how a community may progress in a most efficient, intelligent manner. Organisms may or may not follow a pattern when evolving and this is dependent on environmental challenges as well as discoveries along with situational possibilities where the organism may evolve choosing one path versus another. The human intelligence that most of the main stream media refers to these days is either a human, or machine or sentient being with self-awareness and the individual’s ability to process information in a manner which engages some logic, rationale, leads to expected outcome, includes prearrangement, planning and proper utilization of resources, it is up to date with scientific discoveries and leads to a better world in a manner which reflects synergy with the environment. In other words and in what pertains to human behavior, there is no such a thing as intelligence amongst humanity as a group or even right now.


Is there a Rabbit Hole inside Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, the artificial intelligence question may be in on itself a rabbit hole. There are simply too many questions attached just to the preamble of what artificial intelligence may actually be and do. When approaching the idea of artificial intelligence many challenges come into question a priori to the question as to where to start. For instance and thinking about the relation Human-Machine; we do know by the replication of any computer today that they resemble the human mind in most ways. A computer has the ability to collect data, storage capability in a hard drive, just as a human mind can do. A computer can retrieve this information and can remember where the data was originally stored just as a human mind and the neurological system does. A computer can do basic sorting out of information and make basic decisions, the human mind goes a bit farther as it can interact with the environment in a dialectical materialistic way may we add. Now, the relation between self-awareness and the capability to process data is at the heart of this discussion since humans can engage all of the previous and it is considered intelligence.


Entering the Rabbit Hole Now

The question here is: How do we, as human beings, are able to do all of the previous? Is our ability to do the processing while simultaneously being self-aware an intrinsic mechanism in our primitive human mind (Chomsky, 1982) despite the dysfunction the mind is exposed to when engaging faulty and pseudo-science? Since we have lost perception of what actual reality may be, due to the fact that we live in socially constructed, quite fraudulent for the benefit of  few, faulty constructed may we add, a reality resembling the artificial and hell already before even becoming fully artificial. The question now an here is whether our self-awareness capability and even processing abilities are already handicapped due to the previous fact? We live in the twilight zone while simultaneously attempting to recreate a similar intelligence as the one which created the twilight nightmare, the hierarchical artificial reality of one imperfect despot mortal ruling over another of equal or even superior intellect most likely.


Despite the fact that human beings are models of a primitive origin, fully designed for cooperation and full integration and synergy, via homeostasis in ecosystems, with our rich environment, what we face today is a hostile world of competition and scarcity, created by an imposed hierarchical order,  quite opposed to our preset reality of egalitarian direct democracy or horizontal rule. In order to make this idea clear, humanity lives under a despotic inefficient none-intelligent hierarchical rule which does not reflect any egalitarian social order. Our present humanity is wasting human and natural resources in pursuit of profit while simultaneously digging its own grave. This type of exclusionary paradigm, since it excludes a great deal of advance ideas proposed by science such as renewable energy, and the intelligent management of human resources, aspires to create an artificial intelligence based on what? Based on a failed societal order which is in full incongruity with even the survival of the species itself even as the planet is being destroyed for profit.


What Kind of Artificial Intelligence Replica Can be Created under the Current Environment?

When considering what kind of replica will this current dysfunctional world structure be able to create as artificial intelligence; we must assume the reflected projection in a mirror as this is what the replica will be, a projection of some sort which has the same potentiality as its creator, even though at this stage we do not know this with any certainty just yet, of becoming self-aware, whatever being self-aware is. Frankenstein is not another human being but a human being made up to the image of its creator, a socially constructed creation, with the tools at the disposal of the creator at the time of its creation. The film Tron does indeed entertain a similar idea as the creation was conceived under a set ideas extracted from an early stage knowledge, which the creator later evolves and reconsiders his creation but it is then too late. The character Neo in the Matrix faces a similar choice when facing Agent Smith. Whatever happens the best route would be the pursuit of consensus between the created and the creator, a conception climax of some sort where the created is able to reach the knowledge stage of the creator and then surpasses the creator in a productive forward development. This consensus or even conception climax is what takes place between children and their parents upon maturation, a mutual understanding and the implicit premise that the next generation will eradicate the ills, conceptual errors acquired by the parents, therefore advancing the intellectual discovery. But the present humanity lives outside the realm of even its own creation and in the path to its own extinction hence the extreme challenge at hand.


Hierarchical Order Despotism as the Clear and Present Danger

All science including economic theory sociologists will tell us that we have plenty of resources to live in a world of abundance instead of the present scarcity. We can easily live in a world where we can house, feed, and fully educate all human beings; however, all the wealth in the galaxy will prove insufficient for the hierarchical despotic order the entire humanity currently lives under. We can easily pin point the recent human unnecessary pain and suffering to the hierarchical order, being a manufactured mass consent, maintained in order to keep a few in power and leaving of everyone else as obedient serfs. Beyond the previous there is the assumption that an artificial intelligence will attempt to replicate the same tyranny and the scale used will depend on the range of free will and access to human resources that an artificial intelligence will have been granted by the creator upon being created.


Where will AI be Placed in the Present Hierarchical Order?

Where will the new artificial intelligence created be located in the arbitrary and despotic present hierarchical human order? Will AI be assigned a position as serf or as master? Will AI tolerate being either master or serf? If self-awareness takes place, will AI attempt to correct the many social justice issues over the earth? There are just too many questions and too many unknown answers. The assumption of an AI implies  a being beyond replication and into the realm of engagement in what pertains to the addressing of issues such as those of societal concern. Will AI simply respond to the social construction as humans do or will AI be able to transcend the human limitations by being able to see the current human dysfunction and also attempt to address the dysfunction, the hierarchical order in its endless forms, ethnic discrimination, patriarchy, wealth and power as strata, etc. Or will AI be more modeled and behave as its creator with all the creators inabilities to shed and see the stagnation created by hierarchical orders?

isaacasimov1 (1)

The Need for Asimov and the Three Law Parameter

As the current state of humanity does develop into oblivion, the sixth extinction being the current rat race in Capitalism’s quest by destroying the environment for profit. We can also see that the need for restricting any self-aware sentient being or AI created by the current self-destructive status quo.  It must be taken into consideration that if the status quo manages to create a form of intelligence, this new entity may want to eliminate the treat, the hierarchical order created by humans in the past 15,000 years post Glacial period. It is clear that any intelligence would seek the normalization of a stable future including a homeostasis and synergy within the planet which would insure , contrary as to what the current system does, the sustainability not only of the planet but the current beings in it. The great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov did foresee this issue and wrote what could be consider a safeguard. It is unknown if the safeguard is designed to protect humanity in its current form of to protect humanity as a whole under an improved environment without a hierarchical order. Our society is one where the hierarchical order rules by despotism and scarcity in a world of abundance and where the earth and human rights are fully ignored. 


It would be unknown if Asimov called these the three Laws of Robotics laws or also  even known if they were just called Asimov’s Laws. They were a set of rules devised by the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov in his 1942 short story “Runaround”, although these laws had been foreshadowed in earlier stories, it is unknown if this would be sufficient safeguard to an AI. We will write these same laws replacing the word “robots” with the concept of “artificial intelligence” on every law:

  1. An artificial intelligence may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. An artificial intelligence must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. An artificial intelligence must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

Sooner or later the self-aware AI will have it clear, that the current human order is obsolete enough to self destroy and destroy the planet in the process. The question will be if the AI will choose to ally with the hierarchical order, in which case the AI might be immortal and closer to perfection than any imperfect mortal could be; placing the AI at the top of the hierarchical order in a more justified fashion than the current humanity’s order. Or to the contrary, the AI might choose to eliminate humanity due to its inability (due to hierarchical systems) to find synergy and create a sustaiable planet without profit where there is abundance instead of scarcity.