Character and Leadership, the Two Main Road Blocks to Societal Progress

Our society is based on large sets of socially constructed lies. Most people in society not only believe on these lies but consciously agree to abide by the by products of these lies. Wealth and poverty, power or slavery, these are all socially constructed lies our recent society has designed to maintain its zeitgeist or status quo. One of these particular lies is that grown up adults need to build their character. The idea is that people of low strata, as well as with the least amount of wealth and power in our society, are simultaneously deficient when it comes to their character. It is quite obvious that the wealthy and the powerful do not require character building as they are allowed a level of normalized despotism which goes beyond pathology and into the realm of reality nightmares. What is not told to the masses is that the strata and casts assigned in our society are an arbitrary structure created to maintain the despotic and tyrannical system in charge of citizens who would otherwise have power while having a voice and a vote. What prevents individuals from having a true and actual voice and vote is the wrongfully constructed idea that those in power are there because they are more capable leaders therefore not needing character building as their character is already formed, or at least so do the sophistry practitioners’ claim.  The fabric of our society is a lie after another lie. Most of these lies seem harmless until we realize how far we have stepped away from our core and intrinsic self as humans. The societal damage and aftermath is the clearly avoidable issue here yet it will require mass education as well as the recreation of a better world and obliteration of the current societal wasteful dysfunction where there is scarcity instead of abundance and despotism instead of tolerance and kindness.


Why is the Hierarchy so Efficient to the Top Strata?

 There are an infinite number of factors which make human beings different. Most of these factors are related to ethnicity and social construction of culture. There are however a few instances when human beings are identical and these probably pertain to DNA or to the fact that all humans are imperfect mortals. Human beings live within the realm of an environment which fosters little intellectual growth yet foments a great deal of retrograde behavior. One of these regressive behaviors is the creation of arbitrary orders in the form of strata, casting system, amongst humans. These hierarchies impose a higher level of power due to wealth or stratified order to some few and leave the vast majority without access to autonomy. All forms of authority are detrimental in a world full of imperfect mortals. It is unknown as to when these hierarchies came to existence within the social order but historians and anthropologists do tell us that the casting system in hierarchical order can be traced to the pre-Glacial period about 15,000 years ago. We do know that during the expansion of the so called Indo-European languages these hierarchical orders expanded as well. We can also trace another link to these hierarchical arbitrary orders and these are linked to cultures which developed pyramids such as the Maya, the Aztecs, the Egyptian’s, etc. Hierarchies achieve the unachievable, they normalize the idea that one person can make decisions for another equally capable to decision making person. Hierarchies make one person surrender their autonomy and obey another of equal, but most often less, intelligence. Hierarchies are taught at an early age for better results, hierarchies represent authority and all authority represent slavery and the loss of all autonomy by the individual.


How One Voice Manages to Silent a Million Voices

WHEN engaging societal status quo, the zeitgeist, one can only hope to navigate into misconceptions and into the realm of unverifiable facts, also known as lies. The first misconception is that one person is so wise as to be able to know what is best for all others and society itself. The idea that choosing a leader of any sort, elected or crowned by war, represents one of the greatest sophisms ever told to and believed by the masses. It takes most human beings the entire years of their human lives to learn a thing or two about themselves yet this scum bag who claims to be an elected leader, politician or any other crook, is going to know what is best for you? Simply put, it is not possible for anyone to make decisions which are sound on behalf of the group no matter how appointed to do so. Individuals, after being fully versed and informed regarding all their available options can then make these decisions. When a person makes these choices that only an individual should make then a great deal of progress is loss for society and the group. For starters many discoveries can be made when considering even the most irrational view points in an engagement and when discussing any topic. Individuals in society not only can but should meet in groups and discuss ideas and then reach consensus, agreement. Agreement can be reached and this agreement not only holds more validity and reliability that any decision that an appointed leader can make. Ideas can and are contributed by the group and this contribution of ideas tends to enrich the group. In our society we miss the sharing of ideas and instead we debate decisions made by one or two crooks who are debating and deciding what the best course of actions should be without the actual knowledge of the group.


Authority Exists So Autonomy May Die

The concept of authority is not an intrinsic or innate to human behavior or functioning. The present concept of authority has been a social construction aberration incrusted in our communities and the collective a while back. How long ago has authority being around? It is unknown except to say that the Iroquois Native Americans had a horizontal anarchist rule for at least five millennia before the slaving Europeans arrived to the continent with their feudal lord and serfs ideas. It is also known that these idea of authority as well as private property that goes beyond the person possessions was as well introduced by the European slaves who got off the boats when Columbus first arrived to the new world. So it is safe to say that authority is a pathology which has been introduced and forced to humanity for the benefit of a few and the detrimental enslavement of many. The social construction of authority leads to individuals subject to obeying orders they may not agree with in many instances. In fact, given the opportunity to have a true voice and vote people may not obey any order handed by any authority figure. Authority exists as it forces the vast majority of individuals to submit to a system and to do as they are told without the option of rejecting any command handed down by the upper strata in control of authority.


The Relation between Strata Leads to Autonomy’s Removal 

Having a person be in charge of others grants this individual the power to remove another person’s autonomy. The reason for the stratified society composed of arbitrary ranks is aimed solely to allow for others given above to be handed down below and for this orders to be enforced whether in the form of plain direct commands or in the form of static and fixed laws. Either way the command is handed this is to be obeyed or consequences will follow in the form of removal, firing, incarceration or any other penalty the hierarchical system deems appropriate. Much is lost with the hierarchical order as the voice and vote of many is shunned and alienated. In any human endeavor the contribution of everyone makes the endeavor richer and a productive venture. When an upper stratum executes an order the power of many is removed and replaced by the will of the entity usurping their power via an authority figure. Our society is plagued with the instances when the voice and vote of many was lost as one person made the decision for the whole. Not only is the opinion of many others what is lost when authority appears on the scene but also the contribution to problem solving that any member of the group may provide to the whole. At the end the upper strata will remove any autonomy possessed by the lower strata’s so the system continues in control. If no one obeyed no one could give orders.


Without Autonomy Most Human Beings Become Servants

Autonomy is the ability to be able to make decisions about all issues pertaining to one self. Autonomy allows the individual to make choices and to go on the pursuit of life’s quests without external influences and with full independence. In our society the predicate indicates that we are all free but a closer look reveals that no one is free with the exception of the upper strata. Society dictates that humans are free because they can move within the realm of a preset of rules created by others and rules which no person alive contributed to. These rules society has created are the ones that can slave individuals as they are subjected to obey and engage a pre-agreement which they did not make with anyone. Authority in societal structures is one of these key pre-agreements that persons must respond to by obeying and accepting its power. By submitting to these presets of rules individuals obey and follow to a preset authority without any actual voice and vote the individual in society becomes nothing more than a servant to the system. The manner in which the current societal order is set around the world restricts individual autonomy. Individuals are subject not only to respond to authority, to obey, but they are also expected to believe themselves to be simultaneously free, a full blown contradiction. Beyond the realm of societal norms individuals are expected to accumulate wealth in order to attain economic status and some level of autonomy, very little and restricted autonomy as at the end a little wealth cannot guarantee the voice and the vote necessary to be autonomous.