The Deserving and Not Deserving in a World of Despotic Hierarchical Order

It is fully unknown when the private property accumulation became a problem over the earth. We do know that upon arrival of European settlers to the new world, to the American continent, as well as Africa and even other parts of the world such as the Asian islands, humans were quite focused on collective ownership of earth resources. The Native Americans did not think of owning a river or land or anything that could be considered wealth that belonged to the collective. Europeans however, and due to their despotic hierarchical feudal order at the time, seemed quite normalized to the idea of one owner and many servants. Life was a brutal and short lasting endevour in Europe during the known history of the continent. Mainly because individuals had to depend on the feudal lord or the castle governance whether for protection or for exploitation. The feudal lord owned it all directly or indirectly. So, who was the first person to claim ownership of anything on earth? The Social Contract by Rousseau claims that: “The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said “This is mine,” and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars, and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows: Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.”


Why is There Scarcity in an Obviously Abundant World?

For its entire known history earth has produced and has had enough resources being abundant for the organisms living in it. The hierarchical order, upon appearing on earth by the last glacial period or before, begins to hoard and restrict these resources because its ownership also means power to control the population. The creation of scarcity seems a great tool to not only control the masses but to accumulate resources and wealth. The hierarchical order becomes the hoarder of the times until today. There is a level of despotism which comes attached to hierarchical systems which is carried over to affect the manner in which resources are handled in society. Hierarchical systems allow for someone with rank or power above treat others bellow with full disregard to their needs and well being. This travesty, the hierarchical order, happens to have been perpetuated for quite sometime, millennia now, while also appearing to be the largest elephant in the room, being fully overlooked. As soon as a societal issue arises, typically having its roots in the lack of individual autonomy and lack of horizontal direct democracy, the explanations given are anything and everything except to look at the hierarchical order in place. When a king dies the first sentence that follows is long live the king. When a king dies, since there is no such a thing as a benevolent ruler or authority figure, the first thing that we should hear should be: Long live the people.


The Implicit and Explicit Crime of Being Poor

Our societal folklore have the masses believing in a fallacy of astronomical proportions, this fallacy claims that those who are wealthy are wealthy because of their arduous work and those who are poor are poor because they are lazy or simply because they just don’t want to be rich. Even though all forms of present and current poverty and scarcity can be easily addressed and resolved they never are. And it is because no form of poverty or scarcity is ever addressed or resolved in a manner which fully eliminates or eradicates  them. Every single solution currently proposed by the politicians or the zeitgeist will lead to the perpetuation or worsening of any problem including poverty. The upper strata, the one percent hoarding all resources, wealth and usurping the power of all the voices and votes in society, will never allow for any long lasting or permanent solutions unless these solutions are forced after a serious thread or demand is made to their hegemony. The obvious idea is to leave the many poor there and intact because their poverty also means the wealth of a few is being perpetuated. Societal problems are never really addressed or resolved because this would mean the people are able to become freer and a freer society will demand rights; the rights that have been denied and stolen from the collective by any of the previous and current hierarchical orders.


Why a Pyramid Scam instead of a Horizontal Egalitarian Field?

Rousseau once argued that: “…The strongest is never strong enough always to be master, unless he transforms strength into right, and obedience into duty..” Rousseau also argued that: “…The right of the first occupier, though more real than the right of the strongest, becomes a real right only when the right of property has already been established. Every man has naturally a right to everything he needs; but the positive act which makes him proprietor of one thing excludes him from everything else. Having his share, he ought to keep to it, and can have no further right against the community. This is why the right of the first occupier, which in the state of nature is so weak, claims the respect of every man in civil society. In this right we are respecting not so much what belongs to another as what does not belong to ourselves…” The clear core of our community is the Public and its public institutions. The hierarchical order has its goals outside of the well being of the public therefore the hierarchical order is foreign to the well being of the whole, the general welfare. An appropriate government would involve the participation of every being in the community as each person is affected   as well as can affect the environment and ecosystem they participate in. In order to involve every member of society then we will need them to have an actual voice and a vote which can only be achieved by every person’s voice and vote to be accounted for in a horizontal manner. But the idea i never to include everyone, actually the idea is never to include anyone in society. The upper strata being detached from it wants full rule and control of the power and wealth being usurped and this is only achieved by disconnecting the alleged democracy from he whole. The alleged democratic process gets disconnected by the election of a representative, a political figure who can tell the masses exactly what they wish to hear and in most cases propose to the masses the impossible while simultaneously only doing what the upper strata or one percent wishes behind the scenes. Our societal suffrage process is the biggest human fraud ever committed thanks to a hierarchical order created by the representative democracy or republic.


How is Ownership Maintained in a World of Flagrant Exploitation?

Since the upper strata, the one percent, has full access and control, power, over all societal means of production as well as monetary systems and laws; it becomes a walk in the park to pillage and plunder any society. A great deal of the pillage and plunder is caused by the redistribution of wealth in a manner which is fully covert and which simultaneously appears legitimate. Most public funding for the development of new scientific discoveries is financed with tax payers funding yet the discoveries are always attributed to the good market sense of corporate owners, the ones receiving the subsidies to do the research. If you can think of any private discovery then you can be certain that such discovery was probably financed with tax payers’ public funding and for the ripping of benefits by the upper strata. The federal reserve, a private banking conglomerate managing all of the country’s monetary system also continues to lend corporations at a zero percent or in the worst case scenario at a very low percentage. If corporations go into bankruptcy they are rescued with tax payers’ monies. If the market crashes, the same safeguards apply. It is all socialized debt while privatized profits are at the order of each day. The one percent never loses because the house owns all the cards. The People, the ones producing all wealth with their labor, are given the finger while living in poverty and while they are under constant attack by the one percent which always seeks to fully slave the ones making all their wealth possible. The adjective ungrateful is badly stained by the hierarchical order full of endless free market fallacies enthusiasts.


Will Humanity ever be able to Return to its Roots of Collective Ownership?

The main road block to society’s liberation is society’s socially constructed manufactured consent which entire goal is to maintain the present scarcity, despotism and stagnation, the zeitgeist. The vast majority of People in our society agree and endorse the same pathologies which have been proven not to be any form of solution to any human problem. The reason why this happens is because humans have been programmed to engage the oppressor better than any Stockholm syndrome experiment.  Humans also see themselves as wise and knowledgeable despite their greatly rooted ignorance. Most persons in our society have extremely passionate views about topics they barely understand. As Isaac Asimov once argued: “…There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. … nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge…” There is plenty of work to be done with humanity and most of this work consists in getting individuals to wake up from the media induced reality nightmare they have fallen in. If individuals started to interact with one another and share ideas in the pursuit of truth with full disregard of diversity in points of views or political parties of the establishment then some great progress would soon follow. But individuals can never become enlightened if they continue to pursuit ideas which reinforce what they already believe. 


The core of what makes a human being a human being is precisely what is usurped and replaced with fallacies of individualism and repressed hidden sexual and control desires which in reality are nothing more than the pathologies created by a hierarchical system which grants power to one imperfect lesser mortal to another less imperfect mortal. Those who seek control and power typically are unfit to rule because the decisions required to be made by the whole of society, the collective, can never be wisely made by a hand full of despotic criminals as it has been happening for the past half of a millennia. Many in our society reach a level of apathy towards the system they live in because they see that the present system does not work so they choose to disconnect from it; may this be politically or otherwise with engagement to social institutions which can lead to change such as town hall meetings. The solutions to our societal problems may be political if the power usurped by the politicians and the extremely parasitic and accepted corporate structures are taken down and removed. The power has to be returned to the ones who must make all decisions, the People in their collective right to self determination as autonomous agents and not as servants to the powers that be. Humans feel impotent  to solve societal problems even when the clear and straight solutions are looking at them in the eye. The reason for this impotence is because the power of autonomy has been removed from individuals and handed to the unaccountable tyranny of the nanny state and its corporate masters. It is indeed the people the ones in charge of making all societal decisions after they have been properly debriefed and all options have been placed on the table. If humanity continues to hand its power to the corporate structure then there will be no humanity to be accounted for in a century as humans will become part of the sixth mass extinction now in progress with global warming.