Why am I free? I am free because…

What does it mean to be free? Better yet, what does it mean to be free under the current capitalist hierarchical world? The character called the Merovingian in the film the Matrix explains having choices as freedom when he argues that: “…Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without…” So one must conclude that having choices, actual tangible choices, means being somewhat free. Our society claims we are free when we vote for a restricted number of system candidates in the political arena but these candidates never address any of the issues society identifies as ills: Crime, Poverty, Scarcity, etc. So then and again we must conclude that we are not free. Actual freedom entitles much more than the mere public relations facade giving the appearance of freedom when in reality freedom is never here nor there. Beyond having actual tangible choices the individual must be able to have a voice and a vote that counts and affects the social order where the individual lives. Our society offers many instances which are make believe when it comes to actual rights or autonomy. Individual autonomy is a requirement for the consideration of being free. Without autonomy there is no freedom even when the individual appears to be able to make choices. So, being autonomous means to be in the path to freedom. An autonomous individual who can make choices is an individual on the way to be considered fully vested with freedom.


WHAT makes a Human Being Free?

The current human paradigm forces human beings into modern slavery by the make believe that the person, the individual, can pursuit this safety net in a privatized manner while competing against other modern slaves via the rat race while on the long line of the infinite exploited labor. The worker, the individual, does not even get to make ends meet these days as salaries and wages have not matched the cost of living for the past 40 years; so, wages and salaries do not even match the cost of living, not even here in the good old U.S.A., the richest and most hierarchical materialistic and capitalistic country over the face of the earth. Many understand this modern slavery as freedom. Those agreeing to call modern slavery freedom are those doomed by ignorance and misguided manufactured consent produced by the system which is also slaving them. Whatever makes a human being free, the individual’s ability to choose along the way is quite crucial, along with the ability to act in an autonomous manner. In our society we depend on wealth whether this wealth is monetary or social capital, we need this wealth in order to be free as without it we are unable to even move or exist as the present human reality requires payments to be made to feed and house one self. So, we must conclude that what makes a human being free is the ability to exist, and existing entitles to act of being comfortably housed, fed, and to have a tangible  education and healthcare along with a voice and a vote that can affect the system the human being resides in. Therefore we must conclude that a tangible and far reaching safety net is what makes a human being free. But this safety net must not be dependent on anything or anyone because if it does then conditions will be attached to it.  So freedom means being comfortably housed, fed, and to have a tangible  education and healthcare along with a voice and a vote that can affect the system the human being resides in, the material environment.


Rights that Workers Have versus Rights that Workers Need

Since our socioeconomic system is one of hierarchical order where the most lazy and corrupt rises to the top, the one percent and the administrative portion, while the hard working noble ones remain at the bottom; it is imperative that workers be placed in a position of obedience to authority so the wheel of the machine can continue turning. Workers have no rights except for a minuscule resemblance of privileges. Any temporary rights granted by the system will be taken away by the system during hard times. These rights, they are more privileges than rights, can become permanent and can become the first rock to recovering the power the workers have lost. Workers, despite the upcoming mechanization and automation period, are still the heart of the economy. The workers are the only essential when it comes to societal progress. The workers get nothing for their effort and hard labor beyond broken political promises and meager salaries and wages which do not even match the cost of living, just subsisting. Workers must recover control of the economy as they had before the hierarchical order was put in place. The only manner the workers recover their power is by engaging civil mass disobedience along with a fully unreasonably high set of demands. Aiming high never hurt anyone. George Bernard Shaw wisely argued that “…My specialty is being right when other people are wrong. The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress is made by the unreasonable man.…”


The Innate Desire for Human Freedom In a World of Normalized Slavery Demands Radicalization

The workers must become unreasonable and they must understand and depart by the fact that they and no other, are the one essential and crucial component of the economy and never the parasites usurping all power and stealing all wealth produced by the workers. The workers must build an infrastructure which is so powerful as to overcome the one percent above. The problem sinks in when every revolution and every preamble of a revolution and every instance when the one percent has had to temporary surrender and concede are followed by periods of pressure release by the workers. The last of these examples was post social security and Roosevelt’s new deal around WWII. After making crucial advancement with suffrage and rights, the workers relaxed instead of continuing marching until the one percent no longer existed. The one percent hierarchical order did what it does best, it conceded temporarily in order to minimize loses then 40 years later reassemble into a set of neoliberal policies, the ones currently slaving workers all over the earth due to the present IMF and world bank globalization and post colonialism. The rights the workers need are rights which can never be taken away by the system because the workers must become the masters of their own fate as they once did before the hierarchical order appeared over the earth. The pyramidal hierarchical structure holding and protecting the upper strata must be blown away in order to flatten the field and open the door to a horizontal type of governance. A horizontal governance would reflect the imperfect mortal condition of each organism as oppose to the current pathology of masters and serfs in a world of freedom make believe.


Paying for Having Just the Right to Exist

The earth provides all resources necessary as well as in abundance for all organisms to find homeostasis as happiness and beyond mere survival. The current system fails to even meet the survival portion much less a happy existence for any organism in the lower strata. The artificial powers that rule the planet today have taken, hoarded, these resources in order to mass control the population into submission to authority. All resources become scarce to an extend that the only way to access these resources can be trading resources for obedience via a monetary system or other hierarchical means.  The system imposes scarcity forcing obedience instead of abundance, the same abundance which would lead to autonomy, freedom. All other organism become deprived from resources as well since the full lack of accountability by the corporate masters leads to the pollution of the earth making these resources even less available along with an uninhabited environment due to pollution. Whenever you hear about the sixth mass extinction period that we have already entered you must keep in mind that the Human species is amongst the organisms which may not survive or barely survives in a century from now. You must not forget to thank the for profit oligarchy and the hierarchical system for this extinction. Humans are the only organisms which are unable to shed the fallacy of superiority and inferiority created amongst the lesser mortals. It is indeed a world upside down where bigotry, tyranny and despotism rule each day under the facade of being freedom. The artificial reality created to continue to maintain the parasitic class above and in power has led to today’s world and the masses want more of it as this is the consent which has been manufactured in them since the days of Edward Bernays’ Propaganda in the early 20th century. Although very little is actually discussed anywhere in Trump’s mass media regarding the broken balance in the environment, the ecosystem. In fact, the persons appointed will create more of a problem as there is more aim at polluting, pillage and plunder. The 1% does rejoices and the masochists in the ill inform masses cheer the events that will lead to their extinction, so what is wrong with hierarchical systems?


Yes, but Shouldn’t People Pay to Exist?

The for profit apparatus wants those who are not even making ends meet, the workers producing all wealth, to pay for just existing over the planet. Not only are workers the ones who have always produced all wealth for the parasitic oligarchy but they are also failing to even make a living wage but they must also pay for having the right to exist and for being given the great opportunity to finance the lavish parasitic life style of the oligarch’s class. But organisms were never meant to have to pay for anything as their existence does not require payment in nature much less competition for resources as there are plenty of resources. However, like in any hierarchical system, resources are horded and deprived to mass access so they can simultaneously be used for mass control therefore resources are no longer plenty, at least not in actual reality. So organisms no longer have access to all they need to survive in their environment despite that this is guaranteed by nature. The artificial reality, built by the main stream media, has manufactured mass consent just to guarantee that only a few can have power over the majority by being the controllers of these resources. The masses must pay and they must pay with fiat imaginary surreal money to make it more of a travesty of existence if there was one. The delicate balance created by environmental homeostasis is broken as the upper strata is immune from the effects of their despotic behavior the same manner in which they have full impunity in a world that claims equal protection under fiat laws. Fiat laws that are only used to prosecute the poor and middle classes for failing to be part of the unjust world designed for the 1% stratum’s benefit alone.


Why am I free? Am I free because I kiss ass to the system and the oligarchs just as any Stockholm syndrome patient would?


Why am I free? Am I free because I own a gun and live in absolute poverty refusing to make politicians to spend the people’s money on the People and instead I push for more corporate welfare…?


Why am I free? Am I free because my consent is manufactured and I believe in conspiracy theory and call news fake news even when they are independent news telling me what I refuse to see?


Why am I free? Am I free because I refuse to push for spending the People’s money on social programs for the People instead or corporate welfare?


Why am I free? Am I free because I believe Ron and Rand Paul are “real” Libertarians when in reality all they do is to endorse the unaccountable tyrannies within the corporate state, the right to choose your master as a slave?


Why am I free? Am I free because I am ethnocentric, eurocentric and xenophobic to my bone marrow yet I refuse to see the light within diversity and cooperation with all ethnicities?


Why am I free? Am I free because I misunderstood the U.S. Constitution and now I believe it to be something that absolutely is not?


Why am I free? Am I free because of my high level of ignorance yet I refuse to look for truth on independent media sources?


Why am I free? Am I free because I hate foreigners, LGBTQ, immigrants, women and all societal diverse groups?


Why and How Can I choose to be Free?