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If the Government Gives it then the Government Can Take it Away: Say those Fully Loyal to the Corporate Welfare Nanny State…

Just so we are clear from the door; yes, a republic is indeed a democracy. The republic is called is a representative democracy. Our so called representative democracy is full of impoverished voters, people without any power, voice and who can have a diluted vote. Yes, poverty is a set of handcuffs and chains around a slave as poverty prevents any individual from any form of freedom. So, whenever anyone argues that we are not a democracy but that we are a republic, that person must be seen as someone disconnected from a wealth of information in Public libraries. Neither Plato nor Rousseau are formally taught amongst the corporate subjects covered in U.S. Public schools hence the disconnect between the U.S. Citizen and the Social Contract or what a republic is. Two books were used and well read by founding fathers when they wrote the U.S. Constitution, The Social Contract by Rousseau and the Republic by Plato but U.S. citizens are reading fantasies and not related material when it comes to the actual U.S. Constitution. The U.S. was not meant to be part II of the Feudal period. Our citizens are quite used to vote against their own very interests. Many of these citizens will assure you proudly that no poor man has ever given them a job as if their duty in life was to kiss ass to the corporate state and never to look out for citizens rights. The more irrational the political claim the higher the cheer by the manufactured consent masses.


What is the Reason for the State?

The nation-state appears to have a noble beginning linked to agriculture, industrialization and free trade ideas. The reality is that the state is nothing more than the remake of the feudal castle under a different form. If we take into consideration the democratic options, the two main options out of an infinite number of versions. Then we must conclude that the idea is either to have a Representative Democracy where citizens elect an individual to represent them in government. A Representative Democracy is a fraud in the sense that it makes the masses believe that they are being represented when in reality their power is being usurped and then handed to the corporate welfare nanny state via lobbyists and Citizens United SCOTUS decision or any other means used by the upper strata. The previous is also referred to as the republic although a republic is nothing more than a representative democracy. A Representative Democracy can be easily hijacked as the elected demagogue politician, they all are, can easily be bought to fight for someone else, always the 1% corporate power behind the scenes, but never the interests of the People it claims to represent. Furthermore, the candidates hoping to be elected are the ones who inform the people in this representative democracy, leaving an open door to corruption, misinformation, demagoguery and misallocation of power.


In contrast, in a Direct Democracy the citizens get fully informed by themselves and by interacting with one another before they can even venture to make any decision which may affect the whole societal structure. Decisions at the level of a direct democracy are made horizontally while aimed at serving the people representing themselves; meanwhile, decisions made in a representative democracy are made aimed at representing hidden and corporate interests which are foreign to the welfare of the people. A Representative Democracy is also the best way to get the masses to accept the one percent control, to obey authority, under the illusion of having a choice when voting. The representative democracy also fails in the way in which hands the autonomy of many to a single individual who acts as a mass representative. Many voices are shunned and alienated via a representative democracy, the input of the people is lost as one politician dressed in a cheap suit can cause struggles to a democracy.


The best option is a Direct Democracy where citizens are fully informed and citizens can then make a direct vote for the societal changes they deem appropriate. Citizens retain their autonomy and their power to elect and to fire those assigned to voice out the will of the people. In a direct democracy there are no politicians as representatives of the people as in a Representative Democracy, instead, the Direct Democracy the individual retains the power and autonomy and only a delegate can be allowed to carry the voice and vote of the people and in rare occasions does this delegate fail to deliver what the will of the people actually is.


No one is hired or elected to make decisions for the individual in a Direct Democracy as the individual holds full autonomy to make any and all decisions. Furthermore, the candidates hoping to be elected are the ones who inform the people in a representative democracy and this leaves an open door to corruption and misapplication of power. In a direct democracy the citizens get fully informed by themselves and by interacting with one another before they even venture to make any decision which may affect the whole societal structure. Decisions at the level of a direct democracy are made aimed at serving the people representing themselves while decisions made in a representative democracy are made aimed at representing hidden and corporate interests which are foreign to the welfare of the people.


Who Should the State Serve?

The state should serve the people it claims to represent. The state as we know it is a facade, a modern illusion, a make believe of democracy. The state is a concentration of power not a decentralization of power. The state never serves the people that it claims to represent because the state was created to serve the oligarchy, or the one percent strata above while simultaneously give the masses the idea that they are being represented, problems never get solved as it is expected. There is an eternal war between classes due to the fact that those who wish to be free will not accept any form of authority much less the authority of anyone representing the upper class including the state. The state in its present form is just a nanny state aimed at serving the corporate powers above and never the people bellow, the majority in an alleged democratic process as the one we live under. State Capitalism such as the one in China, the former Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. are overt centralized authoritarian powers, instead of covert centralized power such as in our representative democracies, which recreate the hierarchical structure of the capitalist state becoming an obstacle to any form of direct democracy.


Why is it Understood that the State is the Remake of the Feudal Period?

The feudal structure had an absolute monarch and his court. The feudal lord practically owned everything and could kill, rape and plunder over his land and people at will. The serf were serfs because they had no way to move our of poverty as the monarchy transferred the power from generation to generation without the possibility for a peasant to be anything else but a servant to the feudal lord and his court. Under the current state and corporate structure an almost identical behavior takes place as there is no democracy at the work place in a corporation. Furthermore, the workers cannot inherit any wealth from their workplace and the inheritance goes to the owner of the corporation or new feudal castle. The corporate owner in an absolute in what pertains to decisions at the work place and can hire and fire at will without any consequences. The nanny state is ran with the sole purpose of protecting the so called free markets. All that society does is to give public relations to the masses in a make believe democratic suffrage process while simultaneously only looking out for the welfare of the corporations. Our society thrives on socialized public debt while the profits are appropriated by the top one percent in a clearly covert transfer of wealth that takes place daily in the form of tax evasion and corporate welfare hidden as corporate subsidies.


Why People do Not Trust the State in its Current Form?

One clear instance of cognitive dissonance amongst U.S. Citizens is the believe that they can serve two masters simultaneously, the corporate state while serving the public democracy or common good of the collective. If we serve the Corporate aristocracy, plutocracy, we live under then might is well turn back to feudalism and abolish the fraudulent misperception of democracy via the suffrage. It is quite obvious that the corporate nanny state do not represent citizens hence the citizens conspiratorial perception of the state. A new conspiracy comes to the obscure news websites every day twice a day, from birthers, to anew world order, to anything irrational which could only exist, if conspiracies were true, under corporate dominance, the same dominance the populous seems to endorse while rejecting the little power that now they have to the public government. Government could exist without the state. Government can exist restricted to any area. Government, which is aimed at truly representing the public, must then be horizontal and direct under a true democratic type of government. This direct democracy public government engages all citizens and gives voice and vote to those whose voice and vote has been usurped under the concept of a representative democracy.  Engaging the power of the people as a whole can only take place under a direct manner and never via a representative fraud of democratic process as ours. A true democracy has never required the use of leaders and people can lead their own lives when they are indeed free citizens. A government which is said to be of the people, by the people and for the people cannot be controlled by corporations or the oligarchs in charge but only in a direct manner and by those who it claims to represent, the people.


Can the State be Reformed to Serve the People?

A true democratic process is never centralized, as our U.S. process currently is, with a few making decisions for everyone; instead, a true democracy is a direct democracy act where all citizens get to participate giving input with their voice and their vote. No, the state can never be reformed to serve the people because if it is reformed to serve the people then power will become decentralized instead of centralized as it is currently happening. A decentralized form of government functions quite different than the travesty we currently live under with the centralization of a representative democracy in Washington. States must work in cooperation and synergy and certain issues such as individual Human and Civil Rights must be covered for all groups not just a few. The idea of different Human and Civil Rights for every or any state opens the door to racists’ states as it took place in the south of the U.S. after the reconstruction period. A true democracy is never two corporate wolves and a worker sheep choosing what to eat for diner but the entire working class in a society choosing their fate in a self determinant and autonomous manner which is inclusive and fair and takes everyone’s vote and voice into account in order to address society’s engagement to manage its natural and human resources.


Democracy versus the Republican State?

With a very few instances and exceptions, humanity has never experienced democracy anywhere in the world during the past 5 centuries. The American continent did experience democracy for over five millennia with the Iroquois Federation which had a government based on horizontal rule or direct democracy, anarchy. These exceptions are not limited to the Iroquois native Americans but also include the more recent episodes of briefly lived direct democracy. The Spanish Civil War period of Anarchy in Basque Country and Catalonia prior to WWII,the Jewish Kibbutz, and recently the Mondragon Cooperative also in Basque Country.  The Mondragon Cooperative is a clear example of direct democracy in the workplace. In contrast, the People need access to power having their voice and votes heard, by giving their input to all decision making as any autonomous group of citizens would. Having a state, any type of state whether this be republican in a representative democracy or any other non-direct form of democracy, simply will not represent the people it claims to represent. The People need hands on and direct input not translated diluted input in any form of representation. The state is a centralized concentrated form of power which controlled by the oligarchs and the powerful in our society. It is an absolute delusion to believe that the people, the working class majority, have any control in Washington beyond a make believe.


If the PUBLIC government gives it then the PUBLIC government can’t take it away (unless we the citizens say it is okay) say those who do not believe in anything other than DIRECT DEMOCRACY.

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