Two Facts about Ayn Rand from the Beginning

Let’s get two facts about Ayn Rand quite clear from the beginning. These two facts are: First, Ayn Rand did not have the most remote clue about many of the topics she discussed including socialism, communism, sociology and philosophy. The evidence about Rand’s misguided claims is in her writings about these topics. A well versed and read person on any of these topics would have done a better job at explaining, agreeing or even disagreeing about the issues she wrote. Second, Ayn Rand is not known in academia as a great writer or philosopher or even as a great philosophical theorist who introduced many philosophically robust arguments. In fact and it what pertains to philosophy, let this be Objectivism or any other fallacy proposed by Rand, her name is no where to be found with regards to significance and substance much less importance. Ayn Rand’s assertions made her famous because these are lined up with the disenfranchising of individuals in a fascist society, the Edward Barney’s advertising and marketing of mass manipulation via propaganda of the early and mid 1900’s as well as the large predicate of Ad Hominem attacks made towards socialism and communism during the early McCarthy period.


Millions of Followers to an Insipid Ideology

Now that we have the idea quite clear between having a fascist sensational popular clan with millions of followers as well Ayn Rand despotic views, we may continue to break down piece by piece Ayn Rand’s endless array of sophisms and fallacies. Let’s first recognize that Ayn Rand, like any other human being, was the product of her environment and upbringing in a world plagued by the Red Scare and anti-socialist and anti-communist propaganda. Ayn Rand’s family were Russian non practicing Jews and she had been forced to migrate out of Russia as her father’s business, a pharmacy, was seized by the revolution for the well being of the collective and not for the making of profit. Ayn Rand’s upbringing would be what Marx called a Petite Bourgeois upbringing in Saint Petersburg Russia.


The Ideas that Ayn Rand Misperceived because of her Wrongfully Preconceived Ideas

The Russian revolution failed to adhere to most socialist precepts so it never actually reached any communist goals.  At the time, around 1917-1920 many in Russia rebelled against the rule of the Czar then later they would rebel against Lenin and in subsequently years also against the rule of Stalin but this last one only led to mass killings. Ayn Rand failed to see that what was written as the structure of the revolution during Marx and kindred writers had nothing to do with the type of despotism put in place by Lenin or even Stalin. Marx and Engels both saw the cooperatives and the old corporation format, not the current one, as viable means to attain worker’s control of the means of production in a decentralized manner; instead, what ended up happening was the rebirth of Feudalism in the form of the corporate power as it took place in the U.S. with the Corporate person-hood laws in the late 1800’s. Marx and Engels’ ideas, in theory to practice, would transfer the power from the oligarchy to the workers but instead what the revolutionary leaders did was to become the new oligarchs in Russia and China. These new elite kept the power and the workers were left without anything other than a remake of a hierarchical previous monarchy by the Czar except that this time was a despotic military and alleged socialist regime with rich oligarchs who called themselves socialists and who practiced state capitalism but not any socialism of any kind for the benefit of the workers.


Ayn Rand cheers with Capitalistic Poisoned Cool-aid, the only Kind of Capitalism

Ayn Rand, like most persons who read little and have passionate views, saw the post  Bolsheviks revolution hierarchical tyranny as “socialist” when in reality it had not one single blue print from it as the workers were not the ones in controlled of the means of production but just another elite recreated either by Lenin or Stalin or any other newly born oligarch. Subsequently and upon growing up in the U.S. Ayn Rand would soon drink the poisoned capitalistic cool-aid after anarchists and socialists forced the Roosevelt government to pass social security retirements and a mixed economy that was more humane than the previous system by the 1940’s. Ayn Rand would grow up in a world of make believe capitalistic and free market fantasies where the corporate welfare is never disclosed and neither is the great effort the workers make but instead; the parasitic entity controlling the media as well as the means of production above, the oligarchs in the one percent strata, are glorified as the creators of all human progress. Another non-disclosed issue was the 94% marginal tax imposed in the U.S. and Europe to the corporate parasites during the 1940’s. This high taxation made the U.S. not only into a world power but it also opened the door for the creation of the highest number of millionaires that this world had ever seen. High taxation led to hundreds of thousands of projects for infrastructure for the collective, the general welfare or common good not just the parasitic class above. The glory of a mixed economy would be short lived as the Neoliberal policies bringing back raw capitalism would then be implemented from Nixon in the early 1970’s including a much lower taxation for the corporate oligarchs in the form of mass transfer of wealth from the working class to the one percent. Ayn Rand never engaged these ideas or made comments on corporate welfare to the extend that was the true cost of any progress by the one percent, the workers were the ones making all progress in reality, Rand never gave credit to the workers for obvious reasons. Rand would follow the status quo at the time which praised the wealthy for their achievements ignoring the workers who made all their endeavors possible.


Ayn Rand fails to see the Forest for the Trees, the Hierarchical Cancer in Society

But Ayn Rand not only misread socialism and capitalism. Since Rand’s ideas are built on the false premise that the one percent, the parasitic oligarchs, the individualistic despot, is the creator of all progress then she fails to see everything else attached to this wrongful idea. One issue which is made challenging is the fact of the hierarchical order as it inundate and floods every corner of society with he idea that the ones on top are there because they have earned not only the divine right to be there, despite their stolen and usurped power, but it also assumes that these is the best society that humanity can achieve.  Before we continue, let’s remember that Ayn Rand’s ideas are also extremely ethnocentric and lack cultural ambition in what pertains to diversity. The hierarchical order in our society impregnates all corners of society with the stratification that leads to the majority to lose power. May these misleading facades be a representative democracy instead of a direct democracy or any other form of hierarchical order, misogyny as males above females for instance. All these instances are aimed at stealing power from some other groups in the name of pillage and plunder sake then handing the stolen power to a higher hierarchical order within society. Ayn Rand finds the pathological hierarchical and arbitrary power structures okay since she sees accomplishments when workers are exploited as she praises selfishness, egotistic tendencies as well as individualism over the well being of the collective. Ayn Rand calls backwardness progress hence her retro stand amongst those who are able to read and think critically.


Retro Ayn Rand praises Power Control Freaks for their Pathological Common Sense

Ayn Rand appears quite drawn to figures who seek and acquire power by the enslavement of others or through the labor exploitation of others. Rand does not give any credit to the ones making all human progress move forward, the workers and labor in general. It is because of this reason that Rand disconnects herself from the common individual and seems to focus on those who are driven by individualism and ignorance of the collective they live in. Rand never questions any hierarchical order created by  sociopaths for whom all the power in the world is never enough. This power may be derived from financial wealth, or as a mass ruler such as a political figure or even as an individual in charge of others. The sociopathic portion is not the sociopathy but the actual sociopathy is that of a hierarchical order amongst beings of the same identical specie, all imperfect mortals. This delusion leads to the belief that one person, one imperfect mortal, may have control over another of the same imperfect mortal rank. Humans easily obey without questioning their environment or at least it has been so demonstrated by the Milgram and other social experiments. Our world has been a very sick world which has been upside down for awhile. There were many instances of absolute sanity but since the last European incursion to the New World there is very little evidence of sanity anywhere. The humanity that Ayn Rand so much hated within herself is the same humanity that is most needed to find out who we humans are as a species, we need the innate and intrinsic humanity we embodied as members of the human race. The same humanity that has been lost within the realm of the present social hierarchical order and social construct. Ayn Rand abandoned her primitive core and replaced it with a social constructed reality of make believe free market fallacies and mental illness in an insane world.


Ayn Rand had many opportunities to shine in kindness, tolerance and empathy with the other imperfect mortals who she cohabitated the planet with. Instead, Rand chooses to glorify bigotry and the exploitation and alienation of others via a system that killed the human spirit, the hierarchical fallacy portrait within capital and its affiliate institutions. Rand glorified the bigots for their egoism and rejection of the collective welfare. Ayn Rand had many compatriots who had achieved fame and fortune at the time she was born in the early 1900’s. Many others had achieved academic progress and their ideas had been impregnated in the halls of academia. One of these compatriot’s was Peter Kropotkin who was said to become the next Russian Czar but whose plans changed due to his academic, personal interests and revolutions at the time. Kropotkin was a sociologist as well as a biologist. Ayn Rand could have benefited a great deal from reading Peter Kropotkin as he wrote Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution where he demonstrates with quite specific and rich evidence and detail why Cooperation is by far more efficient than competition. Kropotkin goes as far as providing evidence on how species which did not cooperate with one another  failed to survive, except Ayn Rand’s lonely Dinosaur.


Ayn Rand and Her Invisible Friend: The Lonely Dinosaur.

As Rand’s compatriot explained in his detailed compendium of biology, Peter Kropotkin as he wrote Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution cooperation not only supersedes competition but it makes organism be more prong to survival as species. Ayn Rand’s portrait of a selfish hierarchical bigoted bully, pardon the redundancy they all are, as the model to follow is not only fully disconnected to the reality of the planet but it simply goes against all we know as it pertains to science and biology and even the survival of the species. Ayn Rand’s idea would produce a lonely dinosaur that is able to roam the earth today because he was the only one that survived his species 50 million years ago. Ayn Rand a dinosaur holding hands and walking towards the horizon, now that is a science fiction film I will never want to my worst enemy to even see.At the end Ayn Rand had a dosage of her own medicine as her husband was unfaithful to her, disloyal selfishness in Ayn Rand’s face. Rand also ended up receiving welfare, the same welfare that she opposed her entire life. Ayn Rand ended up understanding her condition as a petite bourgeois did not make her a better imperfect mortal, if anything it made her into a lesser mortal. 


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Humans are ‘Naturally Nice’ New Research Shows there is a Biological Basis for Co-operative and empathetic Behavior.