Captain Fantastic Film, Script Glitches

Captain Fantastic is a great Drama film from 2016 by BleekerStreet. According to BleekerStreet’s own website, the story of the film develops deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a father (Viggo Mortensen) devoted to raising his six kids with a rigorous physical and intellectual education is forced to leave his paradise and enter the world, beginning a journey that challenges his idea of what it means to be a parent. But there is more, ***Spoil Alert from Here On. Read at Your Own Risk***

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This family who happens to live off the grid has arranged for children to be home schooled, in a classical manner learning humanities, politics, art, etc., as well as trained to survive in the wilderness in a somewhat anarcho-primitive fashion. The film begins with a scene where the oldest child transitions and becomes a man in a rite of passage ceremony based on being able to hunt a deer by himself.

The family is currently living without one of their members, the mom is not there as she appears to have had a mental health collapse and had to be taken to the city for help at a mental health place. At some point after the beginning of the film, Ben Cash, the dad and now only head of the family, goes down to a town in order to make a call and obtain a report on his wife. Ben ends up learning that his wife has committed suicide while at the care of the mental health place. The father, Ben Cash, now fully distraught returns to the off grid site and then shares the bad news with his children who also get very emotional and upset about their mom’s death. The underlying background theme is one of Anarchy with pieces of syndicalism and anarcho-communism as the film develops and we get to see what children are reading and being taught in general. This is a great film although some portions of the film were misperceived in some fashion by the writers because issues such as mental illness, animal rights, and certain literature are excluded or even rejected from anarchist views, yet these ideas are included here. The previous will be discussed on detail in the following paragraphs. The format of communication is also misguided when discussed. Once again, this is a great film overall and it is worth purchasing even adding it to your movie collection.

What is Green Anarchism? (with Primitive background) See short video:



Killing Bambi in the Woods

The first glitch takes place at the beginning of the film. At the beginning of the film there is a scene, as a rite of passage, where the oldest child from the off grid family is able to trap and simultaneously kill a deer. The issue here is that many Green Anarchists living off the grid tend to prefer a vegan diet for the most part. The issue here pertains more to the argument between ethnocentric and biocentric views in what pertains to organisms’ rights. Killing Bambi when our human teeth and intestines reveal a vegan organism and never an omnivore or even a carnivore is an unnecessary ill. Even though humanity developed and expanded over the earth thousands of years ago and quite different as many have proposed.


For starters, any decent biologist will tell you that human teeth and intestines do not belong to any omnivore but to a vegan creature despite the ill-informed hypothesis about competition and tribal wars which may have never taken place until recent human history during the past fifteen thousand years after the last ice age or the great flood which followed. Some unknown event took place which threw humanity out of course and this has some relation to the appearance of advanced science and pyramids all over along with the hierarchical orders which appears absent prior to the building of the pyramids. Some researchers have speculated about a visit from outside the planet and the subsequent fall of man. So, whatever took place, one thing is certain; whatever we humans are it is not who we pretend to be today. Humanity is submerged in endless wars and a despotic form of rule which followed the colonization by the European nations which are preceded by the Mesopotamia (as cradle of civilization) along with the Indo-European language migration. All of the previous seems to be at the heart of the offset of the current tyrannical and despotic state of the planet. Now, to portrait individualism, egotism, or carnivore behavior is contrary to what Green anarchists identify humans to be.

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The Social Construction of Mental Illness


The Social Construction of Mental Illness

The film introduces two key concepts which are not recognized form an anarchist view point: Mental Illness as well as chemical imbalances. These concepts are introduced as the family living off the grid has their mother experiencing these illnesses. The concept of individuals failing to adapt to a dysfunctional environment, the socially constructed reality within the capitalistic society, its consumption requirements, its alienation of man, are amongst the main leads to understanding why and how so many individuals fail to adapt. The adaptation failure due to system deficiencies is, from an anarchist or even revolutionary viewpoint, something which takes place and leads to many forms of maladaptive behavior outside of the individual’s locus of control, externally and never internally. In order to understand the concept of mental illness outside the realm of the mental illness paradigm within present society we must first consider the following example: Under current societal precepts, an individual who is unemployed, financially insolvent, and unable to secure employment may develop anxiety and depression symptoms. These previous pathologies develop out the maladaptive interaction between the insanity of a system and an organism attempting to adapt to such dysfunction. Now, a maladapted individual may be referred to a mental health professional that may prescribe psychotropic medications in order to help the person adapt, beyond the fact that the individual will also be labeled on some fashion and accused of carrying either deficient genes or even having a chemical imbalance. There is no such an illness or such chemical imbalance since the effects being witnessed are the result of the environmental deficiencies which the individual is dealing with. Most if not all mental illness is a social construction limited to specific western societies. Do individuals get to experience mental duress or constraints elsewhere in the world? Yes, but these are seen as the byproduct of environmental factors and addressed accordingly and without medication. The film fails by following a zeitgeist pattern by defining mental illness from a pseudo-scientific stand point. Please see the following links covering this issue from a scientific point of view as well as extensively: Mad in America also see the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry as well as the Clinical Social Work and the Biomedical Industrial Complex.

Psychiatric Drugs: Do Psychiatric Medications Fix ‘Chemical Imbalances’ in the Brain, see VIDEO:


Eurocentric and Ethnocentric Literature

One of the books engaged by the children in the film is: Guns, Germs and Steel by Jarod Diamond. We must first engage a thought experiment in order to clarify something before we can continue. The author of the previous book present an argument for European and Asian supremacy and exceptionalism while simultaneously ignoring the massacres, the pillage and the plundering which took place. Consider the following Thought Experiment: Imagine for a minute that there are a group of scientists in a lab attempting to design a new irrigation system for areas facing a drought. These are, unlike all the persons working for the Capitol in Washington, individuals with brains, well read and able to critically think individuals searching for the drought solution. Now imagine that a fully armed and mentally handicapped midget walks into the room and kills all scientists. Eurocentric authors may tell us that the midget was superior in all forms to the scientists since might makes right according to the Eurocentric as well as ethnocentric limited perception of the world. Now, also consider that the European men who disembark with Columbus in 1492 were all midgets as we referred to in our previous thought experiment story; these were slaves and fully unable to work in cooperation despite the kind heart of the natives and despite all we already know about this event. See Howard Zinn’s the History of the United States book.   The idea that all progress comes from Europe and that Native cultures have nothing to contribute as it is expressed in Eurocentric literature is flat out wrong. The natives lived in a world that was actual paradise compared to the state of hierarchical order Europeans had with their feudal lords and serfs. Most Natives in the American continent lived under a horizontal kind of rule as Howard Zinn demonstrates when Columbus arrived. So there was actual direct democracy or anarchy in the continent versus a hierarchical order imported by Columbus from Europe. In subsequent years eighty million natives would be massacred and their land stolen, pillaged and plundered. The hierarchical European order was an inferior order to the point that it didn’t even make provisions for renewable land or any other form of sustainability as the natives had done prior to the European arrival. Most of the inferiority that came from Europe was via a hierarchical order which simply killed any form of actual democracy. Representative democracy is not democracy only direct democracy is democracy.



Individualism Scene Misrepresented


Individualism Scene Misrepresented

Since the film follows an anarchist theme in its background. This anarchist theme goes from Anarcho-communism in the dialogues to Anarcho-Syndicalism when Noam Chomsky is praised in a later scene. But the anarchist tradition even in the U.S. does embrace cooperation instead of competition. Individuals are protected and respected under any form of anarchy with the exception of anarcho-capitalism which is an oxymoron term since capitalism is a hierarchical system and anarchy is a non-hierarchical structure. These two ideas, hierarchy and Liberty, are quite corrupted in the minds of most U.S. persons within the mass, so it is quite essential that these ideas be clarified and properly conceptualized in order to shed some light to any misleading information and erroneous meaning attached to them, see the next two videos. Being an anarchist precludes the person from engaging in any form of hierarchical order as the rule under anarchy is horizontal not vertical. Now, there is a scene where children are learning to climb on a mountain and one of the kids slips and loses grip on his ascending. Soon the term is uttered by Ben, the father, “…there’s no cavalry. No one will magically appear and save you in the end…” It is great that individuals learn to carry themselves and pull their own weight however the idea of having a collective is missed by the assertion that no one will help in the end. See two videos bellow on this subject:

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The Greatest Scene in the Film, out of Many

Captain Fantastic is plagued with great scenes; do not be misled by the few glitches in the film as described above. One key instance of the film’s greatness is that while visiting the sister in law home after learning of the wife’s suicide, Ben engages her as well as her husband and their adolescent kids. This dialogue begins because the couple they are visiting considers that raising children off the grid handicaps them as they are not adapted to society, the dysfunctional society where consent is manufactured as per Noam Chomsky. At this point in the film the sister in law complains to Ben about the kids’ education: I don’t think you have any idea what you’re doing to them. Ben argues back stating that: I’m saving their lives. That’s what I’m doing. Then sister in law replies: Ben, you sound so ridiculous. Ben fires back arguing that: Is knowing how to set a broken bone or how to treat a severe burn ridiculous? Knowing how to navigate by the stars in total darkness… that’s ridiculous? Ben continues: How to identify edible plants, how to make clothes from animal skins, how to survive in the forest with nothing but a knife? That’s ridiculous to you? Jesus. Then Ben continues asserting that: They have the cardiovascular and muscular endurance levels of elite athletes. Sister in law replies: Who cares? They’re children! They need to go to school. They need to learn about the world. Ben then calls his nephews to illustrate his point: Justin. Jackson? Would you please come down here for a second? One of the nephews arrives and says: What? Ben asks: How old are you now, Jackson? Jackson replies: Thirteen. Can you tell me what the bill of rights is? Jackson says: Um, what something costs, I guess. Ben comments sarcastically: That’s a good guess. Then Ben interrogates the other nephew: – Justin, you’re in high school? Justin replies: – Yeah. Ben asks: Do you like your school? Justine replies: It’s whatever. Ben insists: Do you know what the bill of rights is? Justin replies not knowing what to say: It’s a government thing, right? Like rights that people have in America and stuff. Ben says: Yep. Then Ben calls his own kid: Hey, Zaja? Zaya responds: Yes? Ben calls her: Would you please come down here a moment, sweetie? I wanted to ask you a quick question. Ben adds: Zaja’s just turned eight, by the way. Ben just says: The bill of rights. Zaya begins explaining what the Bill of Rights is:  Amendment one: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; – Or abridging the freedom of…Then Ben stops Zaya and clarified as as to what he wants Zaya to elaborate about: – Stop. Regurgitating memorized amendments isn’t what I’m asking for. Just tell me something about it in your own words. Zaya begins to elaborate: Without the bill of rights, we’d be more like China. Here, at least, we don’t have warrant-less searches. We have free speech. Citizens are protected from cruel and unusual punishments…The sister in law interrupts Zaya: – That’s enough. Zaya continues: – Are protected…Ben interrupts: Wait a minute, Zaya. How would you characterize the 2010 Supreme Court decision on citizens united? Zaya starts to elaborate extensively: Corporations have the same rights as people, so there’s no spending limit on candidates. Which means our country is ruled by corporations and their lobbyists who fund candidates and command their fealty by demanding that…Jesus Christ. Then the sister in law interrupts her own niece: You made your point. We get it. It’s very impressive. All of you. The scene ends here so it is asserted that the kids living off the grid are obviously better educated than the ones educated in the city.


Is the U.S.A. a Country That Preaches what it Does Not Remotely Understand?

One key issue made clear by the film is that most people in the U.S. are ill informed or not informed at all when it comes to politics. Having a neoliberal type of reductionist and minimalist education from kindergarten to High School can handicapped anyone. The vast majority of the U.S. population speaks of Freedom, you will find this word anywhere and everywhere yet most people fail to see that without economic or financial freedom there is no such a thing as freedom even if you own a gun. The movie exalts Noam Chomsky which is a great personality to exalt as this is an intellectual who for years have been the most eloquent person speaking about the propaganda of the corporate state along with the mass manufacture consent amongst many other topics of interest. The movie also ventures when discussing Marxist theory from Lenin to Mao and this is crucial in the sense that in order to embrace or reject any ideology one must be fully informed which the U.S. population is not. A human being must read and fully understand why there is a conflict or dislike to certain ideology over another. Our population is given the enemy, the friend and the foe which are selected by someone else without the individual getting a chance to know and become fully informed as to what it is that is being embraced or even rejected.  After the Red Scare you may ask any citizen and they hate communism but they do not have the most remote clue as to what communism is except by the misleading political statement of demagogues running for office. I do not even think many communist know what communism is by the way these societies that are built after a communist revolution, in full disarray, pillage and plunder of the population in a hierarchical remake of state capitalism.

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