The Competition Fallacy, Free Market Capitalism in the Real World

The fallacy of Free Markets and other economic inefficiencies begins with a hierarchical system. Ideas such as these, having a hierarchical order in a world of equal and quasi-identical imperfect mortals, were never even entertained much less conceived by the Native cultures around the world. These ideas begin to spread simultaneously along with another set of sophist ideas such as healthy competition, genetic inherited strata, death penalties as panacea to address societal issues, crime and punishment, rule of law, patriotism, racism, fascism, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, divide and conquer, the divine right of rulers, obedience to authority, master race or ethnic group, etc. All of the previous come attached to hierarchy, pillage and plunder being must requirements. Hierarchy alone is the foundation for this long lasting inefficiency but a wider web is needed to reach everyone in society, it is here where some form of monetary system and markets come into place eventually developing from within the hierarchical order. The main premise is that of any other sophism: The ones on top are there because they are somewhat superior in some fashion and if they are proven not to be superior then they are there, at the top ruling over the world its people and all of its resources, because it is their divine right to do so.  If it is not yet clear to you let me then reveal it for you, we are dealing with a delusion, a pathology, of the largest mass proportions.


The Native World was Paradise

Although most ethnocentric, eurocentric and xenophobic historians have tried to justify the genocide of eighty million Native Americans by the European colonizers when they paint a picture of native Americans as violent savages; nothing could be farther from the truth while the fact of the genocide remains as palpable evidence of who the violent savages are. As Howard Zinn and many other historians clearly tell us in their research and writings, Native cultures for the most part lived a life in harmony with their environment, an environmental homeostasis type of life which was also free from most communicable disease as well as rich in all that was needed for subsisting over the earth, there was abundance instead of scarcity in the Native world; there was cooperation instead of competition. The native cultures were so advanced compared to the European’s master and serf hierarchies that the natives devoted no time for the rat race but all the time for personal pursuits. The Natives had a collective type of life which was by all practical purposes, paradise, at least their lives was so until the arrival of the enslaved Europeans and their hierarchical feudal order to the new world and everywhere else or place which became a European colony. So, the so called civilized men from Mesopotamia and after the last glacial period around 18K to 15K years ago started these ideas including the monetary system as well as the idea of profit and interest. The Indo-European language trace migration as well as the subsequent cultures which developed from this stem appeared to have fomented some advances in what we understand today as civilization. These advances seem trivial in comparison to the quality of life that natives lived without a hierarchical order which placed one imperfect mortal on top of another in rank or cast and always leading to some form of tyranny or despotism.  These so called civilized European cultures also carried within them plenty of disease and misconceptions of power as well as its intrinsic hierarchical order. These inferior cultures have been sold to the public in the form of germs of steel, or as European miracles, or as great economic divergence, or as spirit or age of European  exploration, and many other eurocentric fallacies. These eurocentric fallacies are all aimed at fully ignoring the facts, and the large elephant in the room, that western cultures had not been able to developed as they have had they not pillaged and plundered the new world out of its human and natural resources along with a clear evident genocidal trace for centuries even in present times.


A Faulty and Misguided Historical Record

To say and to argue that history is written by the winner is simultaneously an oxymoron and a dubious fact as history is a corrupt tale told by those who are most expert on tale telling, the hierarchical order. Most of what we know about history is just the last 15K years of human history with many questions yet to be answered.  Under true economic theory, not paradigm economics such as Neoliberalism as policy, any good or service can be produced in abundance if enough preparation, design and collection of data and information is made during the planning stage. There is not one single shred of evidence or even logical reason for anyone to either compete or to create a market for good and services since these can be generated in a full mass production planned capacity all over the planet. Also, by designing decentralized and local hubs, which would produce and temporarily store these goods and services, there can be a guarantee of goods and services available in all areas at all times. There is zero rational to make goods and services travel 10000 miles before they reach a recipient of the product who will then use the product. The current economic paradigm is the most inefficient and the most wasteful and it is now leading the human race to be a part of the sixth extinction. The only reason for markets is that they allow for a great deal of good and services manipulation while the exchange of resources is taking place. This centralized inefficiency is misrepresented in society as “progress” regardless of its retrograde approach and execution. All trade takes place sometimes from one place while simultaneously being fully subsidized by the Nanny State while preaching a productivity and efficiency which in reality is never found beyond a mere predicate without fundamental basis in scientific reliability or even validity.


The Irrationally Constructed Consumer

Rational choice theory tells us that there is an economic principle which asserts that individuals always make prudent and logical decisions. These choices provide people with the greatest benefit or satisfaction, however, given the choices available these also lead in the individuals’ highest self-interest. The reality is that nothing could be farther from the truth. Individuals, aka consumers, make the choices only from the extremely limited available options they have. If only a limited set of options is available then prudency and logic go out the window since the choices is predetermined by these limited options: Work for less than the cost of living wage or starve and die, there is no choice in a world of alleged freedom. Furthermore, these options are limited, never to prudency or even logic, but to their ability to acquire and obtain benefit from their choices made. Choices may be made only under some form of coercion or duress due to two constants in present economics: Either poverty or scarcity. So we can never argue that there is any prudency or logic attached to choices. Individuals are barely surviving makes wages and salaries which do not even match the cost of living much less grant them the ability to make sound choices.


The Free Market Fallacy

In order to keep up the façade and the necessity for markets, society engages this public relations routine where advertising and marketing render every human being to their knees while simultaneously royally failing as well as claiming the success of the free markets.  Free Markets cannot exist without the endless corporate welfare (providing free public monies in the form of corporate incentives), tax evasion shelters at home and overseas, and endless rescues reflected in the socialized debt and privatized profits clause. At least 47 major recessions have preceded the 2008 market rescue estimated at the tune of 29 trillion U.S. dollars. The inevitable and begged questions here are: Why would the money makers need rescuing if they are the money makers? Why would the money makers need rescuing with public monies if the private sector is alleged to be more efficient? If you were to turn the TV tube on right now the talking heads inside the tube will enamor you with the greatness and awesomeness of the free markets. Stay asleep and smell the thorns in LaLa land or please wake the fuck up, remember this is a mass delusion, a pathological mass delusion.


A Rich Environment Full of People Living in Scarcity

The fact is that the vast majority of human beings in the world live in areas of abundance of resources; these vast majority of beings over the earth simultaneously live under extreme scarcity of resources. One manner engaged by the parasitic system to hoard resources is the monetary system which creates an unfair redistribution of wealth from the beginning of its implementation. The monetary system is a fraud from its inception and it relies on either the imaginary value of fiat money or the inflation within the economic system or the devaluation of the monetary delusion in the form of a fiat currency. For most laypeople the monetary system is a necessary evil yet they fail to see that the only thing that is truth about the monetary system is that it is anything but necessary. Products were created and shared over the planet without the need to exchange precious metals or currency of any kind before the European hierarchical expansions over the earth. Furthermore, products can be generated without attaching any monetary value as the earth resources belong to the organisms living in the areas where the products are generated. The need for fiat make believe pieces of paper, which are meaningless in a real human natural catastrophe, as these cannot do anything except to serve as a manipulator of resources making them scarce by the intentional lack of currency in circulation. Humanity lives under a spell, a delusion, that the money being fabricated at will at a printing press somewhere and without even the backing of a precious metal has any value. Humans live and die due to a figment of their imagination, a delusion making the pathological human hierarchies pale in comparison. Scarcity is not only created by the hierarchical system but it is also socially perpetuated by the same system when even hierarchies can be created based on a delusion, such as currency in any monetary system.

If you wish to expand this previous concept about the monetary system and understand it thoroughly then click on this video:




The Issue of Supply and Demand

The easiest way to assess the amount of supply necessary to satisfy a good or service needed is to look at the demand of the same good or service. Because the idea is to create scarcity and limit product acquisition so the good and services prices can be manipulated, then microeconomics has deviated the definition of supply and demand to mean something else. Under microeconomics, supply and demand are simply factors to help determine the market price of a product. The present microeconomics approach states that in a necessary (actual unnecessary) market of competition for a goods or services will dictate the price of the good or service in question, or other traded item such as labor or liquid financial assets, will vary until it stabilizes at a point where the quantity demanded, at the present monopolized and manipulated price, will equal the quantity supplied, at the present price, resulting in an economic equilibrium for price and quantity handled. In the real world of economics, products and services can be manufactured, created and delivered, based on demand without having to sacrifice dealing with scarcity or even monopolies which repress the access to the product and other manipulative actions in order to increase either price or demand.

Planned Obsolescence, another System Pathology.


Planned Obsolescence, another System Pathology.

Although any student of economics will tell you that all economics classes begin, all of the micro and macroeconomics classes, stating that we live in a world of limited resources, subliminally implying that resources must not be wasted and must be recycled. What the system actually does with planned obsolescence is the exact opposite to what theory teaches. In order to properly understand planned obsolescence, the idea of an oligopoly must first be understood from a hierarchical and its full impunity point of view. Goods and services are never created to satisfy anyone’s need otherwise there would be no scarcity over the earth. Goods and services are produced in order to satisfy invisible wealth investment in the form of fiat money along with the profit motive. There is no glorious ending to the question of capitalism’s only purpose and that is the creation or perpetuation or increase of wealth. The idea was never to design a high quality product to compete, the idea was always how to design products that break down really fast so they can be replaced and repurchase and the old product be disposed contributing tot he mass delusion of happiness via wasted resources. Planned obsolescence is at the heart of all that is done in society as the system cannot engage the idea of efficiency because efficiency simply kills the golden goose so the inefficiency is what is always put in place. The system perpetuates itself under its inefficiency and this is clear in any and every area of good and services in our society. Products are made to be replaced as soon as possible right after they are used for the first time, planned obsolescence. See video Planned Obsolescence:



Pollution, Scarcity and Waste, the Main byproducts of Planned Obsolescence

From the day of its inception, our society, at the cradle of civilization, produced these upper strata which is fully immune to prosecution and immune to all effects that follow natural causes in a quasi-metaphysical sort of fashion. The upper strata created then designs a system that can be fully manipulated and controlled by them. If the sole goal of any societal action is aimed at satisfying the for profit clause for the corporate masters in the upper strata, the oligarchs and their oligopolies, then profit can potentially be increased by bypassing the time that it takes for a product to be replaced under its natural cycle of wear and tear. The idea of economic manipulation has always been at the top of the stratified hierarchical system’s agenda. This manipulation in the form of planned obsolesce not only creates scarcity of available resources but it also creates a great deal of pollution because of its intrinsic wasteful left overs. Since the upper strata is never responsible for anything due to the impunity created by their high rank and social strata, the aftermath of a wasteful and decadent system falls in the path of those who have to deal with it in the form of a planet in full decadence and on its way to the sixth mass extinction. Our planet has paid for the excess of fossil fuel usage in the face of more advanced technologies such as eolic wind, solar and bio-thermal energy which are not only fully renewable but they are also clean energies which will not harm the planet. These technologies cannot generate profits as detrimental fossil fuels can therefore their efficiency is abandoned in the face of a more decadent option. Planned obsolescence takes place under any industrial design and becomes an economics policy of planning or crafting a product with a non-natural limited suitable life, as the product will become obsolete by being unable to work as it typically would after a certain period of time. The purpose behind this strategy is to produce greater short and long-term sales volumes while simultaneously reducing the time between repeated purchases sometimes called the shortening of the replacement cycle.


The Need for Competition in Absence of Direct Democracy

The last thing that any corporate oligarch wants to do is to compete. The first thing that the oligarch in any oligopoly will tell you is that he achieved his wealth and position by competing and wining against other corporations. Oligarchs steal from the workers all the wealth that the workers create and its subsequent power is usurped because the oligarchs in the upper strata control of the means of production. Pillage and plunder labor exploitation is assumed to be a legal right in our society which lacks any from of true democracy starting at the work place. What the oligarchs will not tell you anything about is the mega monopolies and the hierarchical dysfunction and wasteful system created.  In order for the hierarchy to remain on top and continue its tragic descend to oblivion all it needs is to prevent the horizontal democracy from taking place, prevent the direct democracy or anarchy. A horizontal direct democracy would involve all the available minds and all the available ideas and would provide for all organisms over the earth, something the oligarchs never want as they would lose the grip on society and the slavery their strata creates. If the oligarchs lose the grip on society then scarcity would come to a halt along with the inefficient decadent system which helps the upper strata stay in power. Right now we have a representative democracy where a crook, a demagogue politician or ruler,  tells the public it claims to represent all beautiful things and promises; then, once elected, this demagogue politician turns around and fully represents the upper strata and their welfare but no one else. If instead we had a participatory direct democracy, anarchy in essence, then we would hear the voices and their votes and our society would engage progress from a truly efficient position instead of the current retrograde decadent hierarchical system of full stagnation. Only the people know what is best for them, only the people know what they need, only the people know what their moral limits are and never any of the mass manipulators, the so called leader figures, not only preaching what they will never practice but manufacturing a failed consent. Our system operates with a set of laws for the collective and full impunity for the one percent on top, this is also known as the country of rule of law.


If the Goal is the Manipulation of Resources then Greed is Good. However, Scarcity is even Worse…

One of the main causes of poverty and scarcity in our society is the monetary system. Even when goods appear to be available and going rotten on a shelve, such as in a supermarket, if you do not have monetary means to acquire them these products will simply go to waste. If you take any of the product and leave without paying, with fiat pieces of paper on a make believe faithful manner, then you will be incarcerated for violating a law. Scarcity is all around us even as products could potentially be abundant all around us. One key manipulator of access to resources is the monetary system as it restricts access to products most of which are essential even for human survival, food for instance. The general predicate is that individuals sell their labor, as if their labor was a detached thing from the body of the worker, then the worker is able to accumulate enough money to survive. However, we must make a stop here to consider that the current minimum wage is $7.25 per hour in most states even as the cost of living can easily reach the required $33 dollars an hour in most metropolitan areas. Most workers do not even make ends meet with the current minimum wage yet there are those free market enthusiasts who want this minimum wage to be eliminated so if employers decide to pay the worker even less than the minimum wage that  would be okay. The previous social common precept challenges all known logic, math and common sense in the entire universe and adjacent areas, yet most manufactured consent among citizens dictate such idiocy to be okay. The previous is part of the irrational byproduct of having a hierarchical system.  The monetary system itself is a hierarchical system as it reinforces a hierarchical order. Besides the huge scarcity created by having a parasitic monetary system individuals must also deal with lack of employment. Individuals are said to be free but such freedom is nowhere to be found. Even if work was found when will an individual be able to do what he or she enjoyed doing? Never, because such option to have choices is only available for the parasitic upper strata, the oligarchs among the one percent who hoard and control all power and resources in society while the suffrage system gives citizens the illusion of choice when voting.


The State of the Socially Constructed Scarcity

During the last Free Market fiasco in 2008 corporations got rescued at the tune of 29 trillion U.S. dollars in the U.S. alone. The present administration, led by another oligarch and apprentice in chief, wants to privatize the public government in order to restore feudalism or a period close to prior to the Enlightenment period. Currently efforts are on the way by the conservative congress to eliminate most taxation for corporations and parasites on the upper strata. The previous would only lead to a bigger deficit plus the elimination of all social services in a world that is hemorrhaging jobs due to automation and structural changes in the economy. Without social services such as food stamps and subsidized housing the little microscopic safety net would simply cease to exist setting the state for more blatant exploitation and abuses of all sort. Another set of efforts are aimed at destroying and polluting the little environmental resources left as this has the potential to generate a little profit  for the one percent strata above without incurring in any type of responsibility as well as under full impunity. Wars have generated millions of refuges but the countries engaging war for profit, they all are, are quite reluctant to assume any responsibility so they shift their responsibility to other countries and each of the bombing parties involved refuses to take in any refuges. Since the upper strata is fully immune to prosecution with their impunity hierarchical shield, prisons must be filled with cheap labor. The current state of individuals with criminal record convictions in the U.S. is close to sixty eight million and counting, more than half of the current available working class already has a criminal record. The previous is just another barrier for employment besides not having jobs available and not even making ends meet with the current fictional wages from hell.  The global warming aftermath is beginning to show in the form of earthquakes and hurricanes of high intensity and the impunity used for everything else applies, countries causing carbon pollution do not want to fess up to their responsibility. Toxic assets in the form of risky mortgages left millions of citizens living in the streets and homeless under a really bad economy afterwards. The nanny state did what it does best, rescued the parasites that caused the problem, the banks and corporations and left the tax payers with the bill as well as homeless. In 1996 Bill Clinton passed contract with America and privatized most of available student aid and now we have 1.5 trillion in debt and students graduating to an economy without jobs while they hold the debt, Fannie Mae one of the student loan holders was rescued at the tune of 3.2 trillion dollars for overpaying their CEO’s bonuses. The students are yet to be rescued because the politicians say that rescuing the people with their own money is communism and it will cripple the economy.  Besides the previous and despite the worsening of the economy for the labor class but otherwise Free markets are doing just peachy.


The Self Destructive Paradigm Falls Apart

There is no area of the world which has been spared the effects of hierarchical order in the form of Free Markets and Capitalism. Since the upper strata gets full immunity from prosecution for all spills, pollution, wars, massacres, and crimes committed; this leaves the door open to the perpetuation of the present zeitgeist along with the fact that if any issue is out of sight then automatically becomes out of mind in what pertains to the current planet’s one percent. War is one of these areas of out of sight and out of mind. The U.S. and Europe being the ignition and starters to all wars do not actually get to enjoy them in their own land but if they did then a reconsideration to war had already been made. War is something that happens in foreign lands because people “deserve” the bombs and the deaths they get, or at least so is the manufactured consent obtained from the media from hell feedback loop and the population. One can actually trace this dysfunction from the past 15.000 years from the days of the civilization cradle to appear in recent and recorded history. This issue is not an issue until it is too late since the spoiled one percent upper oligarch will not have to deal with most of these issues and they will be transferred to future generations or whoever is left over the earth to deal with them. Most of this catastrophe could have been easily avoided had there been a horizontal rule or government instead of a despotic hierarchical tyranny in place. The people’s involvement is crucial here but the people have no voice and no vote in a world where the one percent upper strata does as it pleases with full disregards to consequences to their action and with full impunity. Since all systems over the earth are now in full decline and heading for the sixth mass extinction due to the manner in which the planet has been treated and the lack of proper administration of human and natural resources. Over a century has passes since the discovery of most renewable non fossil fuel energies yet the planet is stagnant using antiquated and obsolete fossil fuel technology for its energy needs. What we are about to witness with the present state of global warming and natural disasters along with the decline of all life systems will become a rude awakening for most of the planet’s loyal servants to authority and the upper strata.


The Hierarchy of Free Markets

Just to say that placing an imperfect mortal on top of another in rank and power is by in on itself a travesty of any form of reason or logic. To argue that what this upper strata, the hierarchical order, artificially created will not have power and control over others is beyond dismay. The social order of things under a fictitious hierarchy is socially constructed inside an already preset social strata, either by manufactured consent or sword and then perpetuated by education. Jean Jacques Rousseau once argued that: “…The strongest is never strong enough always to be master, unless he transforms strength into right, and obedience into duty…” therefore the concept of freedom has intrinsically attached the concept of happy slavery for the current social construction of humanity. Rousseau also argues that “…Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains. One thinks himself the master of others, and still remains a greater slave than they…” The present state of the world has created a reality which is quite dangerous in the sense of being unsustainable first and also because it is leading to humanity’s self destruction along with the planet. We must pause here and remember that whatever human beings intrinsic and innately are is not what we currently pretend to be. Robert Sapolsky from Stanford did research on the effects of hierarchy and despotism amongst baboons and he concluded that: “…If you live in a baboon troop in the Serengeti, you only have to work three hours a day for your calories, and predators don’t mess with you much. What that means is you’ve got nine hours of free time every day to devote to generating psychological stress toward other animals in your troop. So the baboon is a wonderful model for living well enough and long enough to pay the price for all the social-stressor nonsense that they create for each other. They’re just like us: They’re not getting done in by predators and famines, they’re getting done in by each other…” 


Many of the recent psychological as well as sociological experiments in recent decades in academia have also revealed how individuals submit to authority without questioning it and assume such authority as valid. The Milgram experiment was one of these experiments. The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was basically a set of psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram.  What was reveled by Milgram was that participants were measured by their willingness of study participants, men from a diverse range of occupations with varying levels of education, to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts conflicting with their personal conscience; the experiment found, unexpectedly, that a very high proportion of people were prepared to obey, albeit unwillingly, even if apparently causing serious injury and distress. 


A similar experiment was the prison experiment, where the opposite was true, people rebelled against authority:  This last experiment was quite significant since The Stanford prison experiment was an attempt to investigate the psychological effects of perceived power, focusing on the struggle between prisoners and Prison officers. It was conducted at Stanford University in  August  1971, by a research group led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo using college students. It was funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research as an investigation into the causes of difficulties between guards and prisoners in the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. The experiment is a topic covered in most introductory psychology textbooks. Guards and prisoners had been chosen randomly from the volunteering college students. Some participants developed their roles as the officers and enforced authoritarian measures and ultimately subjected some prisoners to psychological torture. Many of the prisoners passively accepted psychological abuse and, by the officers’ request, actively harassed other prisoners who tried to stop it. Zimbardo, in his role as the superintendent, allowed abuse to continue.[4][5] Two of the prisoners left mid-experiment, and the whole exercise was abandoned after six days following the objections of graduate student Christina Maslach. Certain portions of the experiment were filmed, and excerpts of footage are publicly available.  Free Markets and any other hierarchical order amongst organisms who are almost identical bring a great deal of maladjustment and failure since organisms appear predispose to work as equals in a horizontal instead of pyramidal form of governance. 


The Biggest Waste of Human and Natural Resources that the Universe has ever Seen Since its Inception

Systems theory engages the concept of homeostasis at the point where all factors reach a normalizing point, stability. Homeostasis is the process of reaching a balance between all the involved parts and factors. Up to some extend homeostasis is a form of synergy in the sense that it allows for processes to flow and play in concert to one another. This beautiful balance can remain for an indefinite period, or until one of the parts or factors fails or reaches maturity or when an anomaly appears disrupting the balance. Human history is quite flawed in the sense of unanswered questions prior to the last glacial period around 18.000 years ago. According to present historical record, it appears that some event, perhaps the warming of the earth after the last glacial period, triggered a flood and that such flood simultaneously forced a group of beings living in the south pacific to migrate inland because their islands flooded at the time. Since then, what is recognize as civilization also appears around India and then Mesopotamia following the trail of the Indo-European languages. Since its appearance, this particular civilization has contributed very little science but a great deal of system chaos with the introduction of a hierarchical order amongst organism of what seems to be the same species, humans. Prior to the migration of the group that entered the continental land, most areas of the world appear to have lived in peace as well as certain harmony with their environment. We can see the previous in the writings of authors detailing the primitive world prior to the appearance of these colonizer for lack of a better term. The first assumption is that these colonizers had superior math and science but a more detailed and close analysis reveals that their civilization was falling apart. The European continent is a contained area with limited resources. Most of the resources had been exhausted by years of land mismanagement and abuse without one ounce of planning for the long term. To the contrary, the Natives allover the American continent had always made provisions for land and soil renewal, not to exhaust the ecosystem by over fishing a lake or a pond that could be kept in a sustainable fashion. Most Native communities in the American continent lived quite comfortable because their system of governance did not include the despotism of a hierarchical order. There was an ongoing conversation about resources and how to best maintain the areas where they lived. To the contrary the European system of masters and serfs led to unaccountability and full blown tyranny since the king or ruler had the last word without any challenge to authority. The Natives did not exactly have or even understood authority, not form a despotic or tyrannical stand point as commonly practiced at the time of the colonies in feudal Europe.


The greatest waste of all is the loss of human lives the at war for profit military industrial complex, a common practice under the Free Markets capitalism as well as the trail of tears of the bellicose Indo-European peoples. War is indeed a racket and it is everywhere except inside the two main areas promoting it: North America and Europe. War is not a part of any civilized world and in fact, war shows how uncivilized at ethnic group may still be. But let’s not blame the victims here, the one percent above controls it all therefore they are the sole responsible party; if anything we could say the people are accomplices, manufactured consent accomplices. This loss of life at war just shows how wars are senselessly  manufactured. Wars are not only unethical but they also follow in decadence the loss of power and human progress exhibit when human beings have lost their voice and vote by the upper strata usurping their decision making. It is here, where people lose their voice and their vote that the hierarchical system usurps all its power and causes most of the societal pain. The sole existence of an upper strata signals that whoever is up-there controls or has access to control not only the monetary system but how society manages its resources. The oligarchs take away people’s power when people are disenfranchised and fall in a make believe such as the idea that owning a rusty gun makes a person free even in full access to a social safety net. People have been voting against their own interests for a while which makes the suffrage issue even worse than ever before. Humanity succumbs in mass when people fall for the idea that they are free when they choose their masters or even when they choose a representative to defend the wealth of the one percent while making the masses believe in the inconceivable: That they, the politicians, represent them.  Most peoples’ and their voices and their vote go down the drain as suffrage has become an act of faith and indolence and never anything that shows the will of the people. And when the people’s voice and vote are lost then the power shifts and the scale moves towards the accumulation of power at the upper strata: Power for a few in the name of many.


Beyond the mere ability to do as you will it is the fact that individual contribution to societal changes is quite crucial. Our society hires the same people oppressing the masses to become the decision makers; may this be in the form of political figures or financial tyrants in the form of corporate CEO’s or in many other fashions. This decision making that takes place is the decision making which is robbed from the individuals in the institutions that are ruled by the usurped powers that be. So, in a corporation is the administrative portion who makes decisions which can only be sound decisions when made by the workers performing the assigned duties directly. Nobody knows best how to conduct  a labor venue than those executing the venue. An external authority ignores most issues and makes decisions on behalf of the whole while simultaneously being handicapped by not been directly connected to the work at hand but also by not knowing which is the most viable and fit manner to execute a project beyond profit making. Politicians force the wishes of the upper strata oligarchs in an equally deficient manner by forcing their will to the masses with or without their explicit consent. Political figures are demagogues who expertly say to the masses what the masses wish to hear then turn around and do what their masters hire them to do: Represent the upper strata. Hence the great need for a direct democracy pulling the political fraud out of the equation. The worse portion takes place because human associations and its institutions improve, grown and truly develop when the input of all available eyes create this great wealth of ideas such as it takes place in an endless repertoire of music composers. Such repertoire and such voices and votes never take place so the development and the improvements go out the window soon to be replaced by the one voice of the despot in charge. All forms of authority must be eliminated if humanity is to progress and for now even just survive. The voices and the votes of the people are not only lost but wasted as their contribution could do so much good to the democratic process of any venture.


Light at the End of the Dark Tunnel?

Automation refers to the replacing of human workers with machines or robotics and now even potentially A.I. machines. Automation is said to replace 75% of the U.S. manufacturing work force by 2025. Right now the labor system in the U.S. is already in the red in what pertains to job creation as the current pro-feudalism administration has refuse to engage renewable green energies choosing decadent fossil fuels instead. All labor areas are vulnerable to become automated and the subsequent loss of jobs in greater numbers will take place. The issue with automation is that by replacing the workers in so many areas and causing the subsequent job losses it will also trigger the need not only for a temporary fix in the form of a basic income but also a huge deficit in what pertains to product consumption. If the workers are not making the income to purchase the goods and services available then the system will inevitably shut down. Automation is already bound to make an already deficient situation, the already job losses due to structural changes being caused within the U.S. economy, but even worse it will trigger all other deficiencies in the monetary system as purchasing power is bound to diminish or even be eliminated completely. Even though the monetary system is an unnecessary social cancer by being another bastard hierarchical order the pathological members of society deem it as essential. The upper strata will have to re-evaluate he entire system apparatus that places them in power as the production of goods and services being at the heart of the oligarchs’ paradigm will come to a full halt. Either a revolution is indeed in the near horizon or the end for the hierarchical order is near; either way this appears to be a blessing in disguise and the possibility to bring direct democracy to social institutions already starving for it is quite an imperative.

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