Neoliberalism: The Cancerous Tumor has Metastasized.

Where is the Tumor?

It is quite clear that wherever we find a hierarchical model we also find a disarray in the system carrying such hierarchical model. This disarray is always followed by power abuses of all sorts from poverty to scarcity to labor exploitation to gender inequality, you name the inequality and the hierarchical model can reproduce it. The higher the pyramid in the model of any  hierarchy is typically the equal size of the dysfunction that such model carries within. There is no such a thing as a working hierarchical model as we live in an environment of organisms which are in constant need for synergy and homeostasis. Such homeostasis and synergy which are always denied by the hierarchical order since we are obviously referring to a bastard order. The hierarchical order does not belong plus does not appear to be either innate nor intrinsic to our earthlings system. If the hierarchical order had belonged then it had already found its place instead of being an always rejected order which attempts to force itself upon organisms for the benefit of a few above in the upper portion of the hierarchical arbitrary order. The hierarchical order is just like a tumor inside a biological organism and the body where the tumor grows is in constant rejection of it. This tumor, the hierarchical order, which appears in our historical context at one point after the last glacial period is always rejected and it is always attached and defeated for the most part. This tumor also has the capacity to self assemble after it has been defeated leaving no other option than an eternal battle against it. And unless the original human system can be put in place, and in a very large scale, one of non-hierarchical order or anarchy in the form of a direct democracy, there will never be lasting peace or stability in what pertains to societal structures.


Divide and Conquer leads to Divide and Lose

The entire planet is experiencing the effects of hierarchical order. Socially constructed scarcity in the form of manufactured debt has forced all countries to submit to the control of the upper strata in the form of rich and healthy failed economies due to debt. Most of the debt has been caused by corruption and corporate welfare along with the manufactured wars to fight the invisible enemies of the corporate nanny state. This is all taking place in continents such as Europe with a regional association of countries such as the European Union or EU. Such associations have served as enforcers of the debt instead of liberators from debt. Greece is a clear example of this disastrous set of policies by the main banks in Brussels. Banks lending unnecessary money, created by a keyboard being punched a set of numbers, then printed on funky paper and misrepresented as wealth and rescue packages. Loaned wealth and rescue packages to provide relief from the hierarchical order excesses in the form of war spending and corporate welfare. The tragic of all of this debacle is that these are all manufactured crises with the actual causes never been addressed. Now the Catalans wish to separate from Spain due to obvious reasons, first is the uneven treatment given to the region after their contribution to the country and second is the parasitic entity in the form of a sitting King who is there as a ruler behind the scenes because of the divine right given to him by some divine authority no one has ever seen. The groups that can and should oppose all of this bigotry are divided so relief is never applied where it should be applied so the parts choose to part from their captors such as the Catalan’s have. Others, such as regions in Italy, are seeking more autonomy from the centralized authority of the nanny corporate state. The divide and conquer is backfiring and the division is taking place as means to liberation from the centralized power of the hierarchical order.


A Fundamental Base and Core which Rejects Improvements

The most disappointing truth is that our system is cemented on a great deal of scarcity and despotism yet this system is said to be best system to fulfill human needs, the hierarchical world model in the form of a monetary system and the Free Market Fantasies. I do not know what human needs can possibly be addressed much less fulfilled with the scarcity and despotism of our current system since each baby that arrives to this planet arrives to a planet full of resources which will not be available to this baby without a price tag to fulfill the profit motive and even worse, some high dose of either personal humiliation or the humiliation of many others in the form of labor exploitation. The fundamental base of our socioeconomic system is not much different as what it was in Europe during the feudal lord days of master and serf. Our system’s fundamental base is not remotely close to the true and intrinsic human core, the innate cravings for cooperation, tolerance and bonding within all human beings. The hierarchical order is what remains regardless of what appears to be a change in socioeconomics when the monarchy started to be dissolved three centuries ago. In reality, the more that things change the more they remain the same.

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The post-revolutions of two centuries ago and even the more recent ones were force to go back to a hierarchical despotic order the same as the previous order and thanks to the remake of the ranking order of this social dysfunction. The king and the feudal castle are quite alive today in a totalitarian and despotic institution under a different name. They are called the Corporation along with the corporate master or CEO an absolute monarch in his kingdom of serfs. Today’s serfs who do not even earn enough to make the cost of living for their services of making all upper 1% parasitic class wealth possible. Along with the previous hierarchy, a misogyny form of stratum equally followed since the division where males stand in a hierarchical order would be challenged by women if women were to enter the realm of world power dominated by white Caucasian males.


There is no horizontal rule in a pyramidal scheme so the casting system created by any hierarchical order will lead to the perpetuation of the dysfunction above while the oppression and exploitation to those in a stratum bellow will continue whether these are based on either race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, labor status, wealth, etc. Patriarchy is as alive as it was three centuries ago just look at the U.S. Congress with a hand full of women while the vast majorities are misogynistic Caucasian old men who claim to know more about the fate of a female body than all females in the country do. The hierarchical order also dragged more Caucasian women to vote for the misogynist in chief getting a man elected who would work against the interest of all women; many women felt that at least he belonged to their ethnic stratum as they must have irrationally concluded. The core of all typical hierarchical government is made up of the same despotic patriarchy and Caucasian misogynist males. The insane do attempt the absurdity of trying to improve the world with the present status quo dysfunction that caused all problems in the first place. The ludicrous idea of attempting to solve problems not only the same manner as attempted before but worse, with the same people who caused all the problems to begin with, politicians and business men, the oligarchs. Einstein would be convulsing inside his burial site had he not been a laid-back soul when he was alive. Women in Europe are following the same Calvary while facing an identical dilemma; how to cause massive and much needed societal changes including the vindication of women while simultaneously securing the ethnic stratum that only white privilege can provide? It is understood that in order to discover new and better oceans one must be brave enough to let go of the shore, ask the women of Iceland.


The Hierarchy of a Delusion: The Monetary System

Capitalism is by far the largest assembled hierarchic order in our society. The division between rich and poor under capitalism is quite alarming these days to the point that the first eight richest persons own more wealth than half of the entire planet. The monetary system is in great part involved with the greatest inequality this planet has ever seen. Not all human wealth involves the monetary system yet the monetary system is the main tool for the enslaving of humanity and mainly of those who work for a living, the labor strata or class, the lower casts. We must take into consideration that humans are the only organisms who must pay to just have the right to exist over the earth. Without money, fiat monopoly money, human beings simply cannot pay to acquire a roof over their heads and a hot meal on their tables. The monetary system is a delusion real enough to kill anyone who fails to acquire it. Money is never acquired because of working effort or because of ingenuity or because of any other reason than being given access to its acquisition via slave labor or corporate welfare of some sort. To make this monetary delusion a little more real there is even a great effort to make sure that money itself cannot be forfeited or falsified in any fashion, Listen: Like Magic: The Tech That Goes Into Making Money Harder To Fake. Our mentally ill humanity now wants to make sure that the delusion is more real than ever before; or At least while humanity continues to live under the burden of despots and bigots in the most tragic of all acts, the hierarchical order itself.


All the Problems in the World despite All the Solutions in the World

If one thing can be the hallmark of a hierarchical model is the stagnation that it brings upon the environment where such model it is practiced. Humanity has all the solutions to all its present problems, these solutions are all in either academia or just plain sight out in the open yet the system will refuse to engage any of the solutions. The main issues to be addressed pertain to the safety net or plain primary human reinforcers. These primary reinforcers are sometimes called unconditioned reinforcers. These are stimuli which do not require to be paired with a different stimulus in order to function as reinforcers. These reinforcers are obtained through evolution as without them species cannot survive. Primary reinforcers include shelter, food, water, and sex. The main mind job or extortion is the fact that human beings, unlike any other specie, must pay in order to just have the right to exist over the planet.


But the chiselling and swindling does not stop here as access to human progress and even the contingencies necessary for planet survival are as well fully ignored by the system as the acquisition of wealth and profit supersedes life itself.  Solar panels can provide renewable green energy which does not harm the planet as fossil fuels instead of having solar panels in every roof we have fossil fuels contaminating every corner of the only home we know that can foster our human life. Solar panels have been around for over almost two centuries now when in 1839 Alexandre Edmond Becquerel first observed the photo-voltaic effect via an electrode in a conductive solution exposed to light. The same fatalistic fate has followed the electric car as this invention of the first model for an electric vehicle has been attributed to various people since around 1828 when Anyos Jedlik, a Hungarian who invented an early type of electric motor, created a small model car powered by his new electric motor. We can continue for days mentioning all progress that is being ignored by the hierarchical order model as ignoring it perpetuates their power.


Discovery after discovery, solution after solution they are all buried by the decadent Free Market fantasies system and the idea of pseudo-competition. The offer and demand clauses replace the great need and imperative for human improvements by creating a market manipulation and need for unwanted and unnecessary products and retrograde technologies. Solutions which are presently attempted to current problems are useless as they do not exist in the first place such as the cancer and other neurological epidemics caused by environmental factors created by the system itself. To make matters worse the large drug abuse epidemic is signaling the mass rejection of the system as these drugs are being used as coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms are forcing what is not innate or intrinsic to the human specie to be accepted as part of it. Mental illness as it is presently conceptualized is quite the reflection of a failed system being rejected by humanity.


The Golden Age of Capitalism Reveals that what took Place was Anything But Capitalism

We could probably start engaging this idea by arguing that the golden age of capitalism was during slavery and all the free labor along with misogyny, racism, ethnocentrism, eurocentrism, colonialism and all capitalist trademarks we can find. Present day does provide another golden age since now the slaves have to work to pay for their own life sustaining in a world full of resources not available without a parasitic price tag from the fiat monetary system. Let’s just say that the golden age was during the 1940-1980 and the mixed economy or Civil Society period. This period is still the reflection of a non-scientifically-planned economy which is clearly unsustainable. This period is chosen in a quite arbitrary manner but it will allow us to explore other more recent issues pertaining to hierarchical capital.  The period of the Civil Society came along with the idea of Keynesian economics and the concept of a Mixed Economy. This period was quite far from social Nirvana although it helped us as it revealed many weaknesses within the hierarchical model. The period of a civil society was guided by Public works everywhere along with a very high marginal tax and heavy regulations for the corporate parasites. This period cannot be considered capitalism in the sense that the public was the aim and the target for the delivery of many of these social endeavors that government engaged.


Public schools, public airports, public highways, public everything was the name of the game. In some fashion and up to some extend this period of a civil society and mixed economy does resemble a form of state capitalism. In many instances the higher the taxation, which it reached 94% marginal tax by 1940 would lead to a great deal of jobs and social improvement that were much needed at the time. It also revealed that the U.S. became the country where everyone in the western countries wanted to migrate to due to its strong economy. The U.S. created the highest number of millionaires during this period. There were many opportunities because the corporate masters were restraint and taxed to their parasitic core making the wealth produced by the workers reach society as whole even if it never reached the workers themselves directly. Then, beginning in the 1970’s with Nixon corporate tax reductions, endless wars and the new war on drugs, neoliberalism begins until the disaster we are currently witnessing at the turn of the century.


Neofeudalism in the form of Choice as a Delusion: Capitalism, Neoliberalism, U.S. Libertarianism, Neoconservatism, and other Fallacies to Choose From

The hierarchical system recreates itself as it sees that it fits the mass manipulation, the manufactured consent. Facades and labels have become irrelevant in a world that fails all forms of accurate conceptualization. Whatever the hierarchical system appears to be is always a remake of the previous system seeking to reassemble itself. Master and slave is the gold standard, very few above and many serfs bellow is the ideal. In order to reach such levels of dysfunction while being not only tolerated by the mass but also supported by the mass in the most successful Stockholm syndrome ever applied to the population via the always popular manufactured consent. The system also produces layers of self protection if any layer fails because the slaves revolt then what is next is not that different from what was previously there, one get the options which are just colored shades of the same identical color: Capitalism, Neoliberalism, U.S. Libertarianism, Neoconservatism, and other Fallacies to Choose From. The failed revolutions of the 19th and 20th century were just a reflection of these options being misrepresented as something else, being wrongfully conceptualized.  Socialism, communism in the form of state capitalism did not deliver us closer to the liberation from the hierarchical order more than politicians representing the system would. The hierarchical order will not allow any other form of order over the earth while it exists so those who seek actual and real change must consider its full blown eradication. Neoliberalism in general and as defined by article posted in the Anarchist’s Library:

Authoritarian Neoliberalism

Excerpt: “…Capitalism has long positioned itself in alignment with noble ideas about freedom and democracy, but this supposed freedom has always only amounted to as much freedom as one can buy and the democracy has always been suspect. This historical allegiance is however being challenged and the alt-right and its Pinochet memes serves as only one particularly curious manifestation of a global trend of anti-democratic sentiment. Capitalism is being increasingly separated from democracy. Even in many states that maintain outwardly democratic functions, authoritarianism serves far better to describe the actual method of governance. More and more capitalism, and a basically unaltered form of the same disastrous neoliberalism is merging with authoritarianism. Strong personalities with demagogic tendencies are winning the day against the technocratic bureaucrats who have governed the world without great challenge to their rule since the fall of the Soviet Union. The hegemony of the neoliberal order and its universalizing of form and function was cemented by the collapse of the Berlin wall, but it is now being maintained by states erecting walls everywhere. Walls are being built between the US and Mexico, between Europe and Africa, along the boundaries of the European union, between India and Bangladesh, and numerous other borders around the world. This could seem contrary to the free trade principles of neoliberalism, however, so far these walls have been mainly for people and the free flow of goods and capital across borders has faced little challenge while poor people of color die for the opportunity…” To read the rest of this particular article and enhance your understanding of this subject, Neoliberalism, see original article by clicking here.

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