Competition in the Land of Rigged Economics and Free Market Fantasies

The first thing one imagines while growing up is that competition must be an act that takes place between two or more equal parts. One also imagines that those on top of society’s hierarchical order are indeed those who won all competitions fair and square. The worst misconception of all is that one also imagine that one can only compete against equals and never against those in disadvantage, any disadvantage. This last idea of equality is an imperative for fair and square competition, the parts must be equal and this is why we never see a boxing match between a 50 pound seven year old skinny kid and a 250 pound 25 year old muscular fighter. Instead, we see boxers hitting the weight scales right before going to the ring to fight, to compete, because if one or the other is heavier than the fight will not take place as the heavier fighter would have the advantage. And this is perhaps the first mistake that one makes when thinking about competition.


David Cay Johnston, WHO Pays Taxes?

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Fair competition is established when the fighters enter the ring and must be within the same weight so neither one steps on the boxing ring with an unfair weight advantage. What no one ever tell us is that competition means something else in our hierarchical order and that the conceptualization of competition is absolutely way off mark by being flat out wrongly conceived; competition is not what everyone assumes it is or what is implicitly stated in our societal knowledge. Competition in our societal order is just a statement to inspire the workers to challenge one another and compete against their own interests, nothing else and nothing more. We also imagine than those who appear to be societal winners, the achievers, the 1% elite, are the superior ones who competed and won all the way to the top. A competition must be, one wrongfully assumes, that act which defines winners and losers in our society. In our hierarchical order winners are always competitors even when they have never competed. The concept of competition is a standard fallacious predicate in our societal norms. From the day that we are all born we are told that we have the birth right to go to the hierarchical order race track and compete. If we are not to fool ourselves then we must admit that there are two parts that we are never told is those are: First, our legs will be broken before any race begins and two, the upper strata has no competition therefore it does not really compete, but when and if it does, then someone else does the competing, typically those in the lower strata. Let’s just say that we have been absolutely wrong about competition from the beginning of time.


How Government Creates Inequality

Economics Lecture: David Cay Johnston

How did the Current Winners get to the Top?

If you asked Free market fantasies enthusiasts how the rich, the very wealthy billionaires amongst us, became wealthy? Soon you will hear stories about men who started empires in their garages and hard working individuals who went years without sleep, the reality has zero relation to such Free Market fables. The nanny state provides all the wealth in the world for corporate welfare and wars. War is the health of the nanny state as all wars are for profit. In the words of Smedley D. Butler, a retired United States Marine Corps Major General and two-time Medal of Honor recipient: War is a racket.  Most of such wars are also conducted to protect the interests of the one percent oligarchs. Because the system is rigged from the beginning then one must start by understanding that this involves a very efficient, yet bureaucratic, structure. The system is efficient while serving the upper stratum but fully bureaucratic inefficient when addressing human needs or the needs of the workers. The nanny states can be quite efficient that and many other ways when looking out for the wellbeing of the oligarchy, the one percent in the upper stratum. From the cradle to the grave the wealthy are financed and supported by the system who the workers believe is theirs to control. The workers, the ones actually producing all wealth, do not truly control anything beyond a mere illusion of control. Starting with a pseudo democratic process made up by a representative democracy in the form of a republic. A republic made up of corrupt politicians, they are seldom honest, which is said to be representing the people because the workers believe that if they elected them then they work for the working class; the reality is quite the opposite as elections are the result of highly limited choices between several shades of the same corruption.


Meanwhile the worker’s consent is being manufactured every step of the way. If the workers had a direct democracy then they could afford to be fully informed but the representative democracy assembles its own main stream media which is the main manufacturer of information therefore consent, mass consent. Soon all workers become addicted to the TV tube and beyond they actually believe that the TV tube tells them the truth. The nightmare becomes more real when the number one oligarch benefiting the most from main stream media calls the media fake, the apprentice in chief, the winner of the most bankruptcies filed for profit who threw his workers under the bus when it came the time to pay for their labor. Corporations understand that Ivy League schools, amongst others, receive the vast majority of wealthy kids from the one percent families so those who graduate from those schools unsurprisingly get preference. Soon the glass ceiling starts to prevent those attempting to move to upper stratum. It is never about qualification, intelligence or intellectual genius but about hierarchical control to be kept while perpetuating the present status quo dysfunction.


Anyone who dares cross the line without the hierarchical order’s consent will get sabotaged, slandered, and chastised as a pariah. Every step of the way the path is mined to those who do not belong there, those who must know their place in the world as serfs as a seat has been reserved for them from birth. Soon the lottery of birth goes from a fallacy to a crude reality.    Any upper stratum hierarchical deficiencies are soon repaired by socialized debt and privatized profits. The manufactured consent guarantees that the ones, the workers, paying for the lavish style of the upper class, the oligarchs, do not revolt. Instead, people are kept in an eternal passivity typical of Stockholm syndrome sufferers. There are many levels of complicity and many levels of masochism involved here by the working classes in the form of learned helplessness but then again one must never blame the victims.


The End of Capitalism. Economics Lecture Video with Peter Joseph:

An Anti-Competition Social Structure

Competition is the least important element of any true economy. If the predicate that is disseminated in our society about offer and demand and Market self regulation then competition is the last thing any Market or society needs. Competition reduces the prices of good and services therefore reducing almighty profits. Competition, in the labor field, would increase the price and wages and salaries that workers are paid simultaneously reducing almighty profits. Competition would leave one winner and many losers leading to only monopolies. The reality is that international trade agreements and tariffs are aimed at avoiding competition at all cost and instead international trade agreements seek to slice the pie in a manner that allows for localized monopolies while staying out of each other’s Markets. Neither competition nor Markets in the sense of trade are actually social necessities of any kind unless products can be manufactured locally, which in most instances they can be. Seasonal products for instance, create monopolies and also cause the present havoc having products traveling thousands of miles to reach consumers adding to the price of a good being consumed. Present technological advances can fully help us avoid such distances and being added to the price to any commodity being moved. Advances in agriculture, vertical and temperature control farms, and others make any product feasibly access anywhere over the planet, pretty much. Since our society does not place any value on the satisfaction of human basic needs but instead what our present society does is to place all values is the creation of wealth and profit at any cost; even if the wealth and profit means the destruction of the only planet and home we know.


The concept of Free Markets is sold to the public as a fallacy of mega proportions. Under economic theory people are said to be rational agents who make rational choices; these same rational agents, the irrational consumers, will inevitably make only the choices which are dictated by the advertising and marketing agencies of the corporate masters in any Free Markets’ venture. Those in charge of supervising the hen house, the corporate foxes, will never create an oversight office, department or entity to oversee that there are no violations. The violators will never write laws to prosecute themselves. As the great Anatole La-France once argued, The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread. The law is to be used to punish the workers who produce all the wealth for the one percent. In a hierarchical order, no good deed must ever go unpunished. If there are entities in charge of any oversight pertaining to the manner in which the one percent behaves then they have been fully underfunded or eliminated by the current system. In some instances these entities are made so irrelevant as to exist just to become a facade of oversight when no real oversight can take place in actuality. The present Free Market competition taking place is quite minimal and does not reflect the socially accepted predicate that asserts that corporations compete. When there is price manipulation in an offer and demand paradigm (there is no offer and demand if there is planning to the provision of a good and service without the Markets) or when there are monopolies running wild while prices reach record high’s without dropping to a competition field level; then we can formally assess that competition is just an implicit predicate without an actual practice found anywhere in the Free Markets fables.

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