Sexual Harassment and a Hierarchy of Elephants Dancing in the Middle of the Room… A Parade…

Our society is plagued with hierarchical orders. These hierarchical orders tend to be arbitrary or tend to simply place one imperfect mortal in charge of another imperfect mortal without a true rationale. Many times and more often than not the one in charge is quite inferior in many ways to the one below in the hierarchical order. Society seems to accept and agree upon this type of failure to the point of having hierarchies normalized within the social order. More often than not effort is also undermined as those in lower strata positions may be doing a greater contribution while simultaneously having their power being usurped by those on the upper hierarchical levels. These hierarchical orders were not always there and they seem to appear within a historical context beginning during the last glacial age in Europe, Asia and some American spots about 15.000 years ago. There also seems to be a correlation between these hierarchies and the migration of the Indo-European languages. Along with these hierarchical orders there also appears the concept of civilization and rapid improvements in some areas of the sciences, mathematics and architecture. We are able to witness these advances in some regions such as Mesopotamia, Europe and Egypt. There also seem to correlate to the appearances of pyramids all over the globe including areas such as today’s Latin America, with the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs as well as Egypt and even China. Where pyramids appeared also hierarchies appeared. We must also consider that where pyramidal schemes appeared they also displayed the same dysfunction as any other hierarchical model, the ones above or on top of the pyramid collect all benefits while the ones below are left with the short end of the stick creating master and serfs structures everywhere this constructions were present. Anthropologists can witness these contrasts in South America and in the writings of the colonizers as recorded in their own journals and diaries and as published by historian Howard Zinn.


Anthropologists can witness a primitive world all over the planet prior to the so called “great” European expansions and colonization, pillage and plunder by another name. Even during the Middle and Dark ages and prior in the European and Asian regions one can witness a form of feudalism or even flat out serfdom. In the American continent, the only ones that appeared to have hierarchies were societies which lived near where pyramids had been constructed. The further away one was from a pyramid the less chances of having a hierarchical order and the more chances of having a horizontal rule or direct democracy, anarchy basically. The Iroquois Native American tribes had a horizontal structure of governance before they appear in the historical context and until the Europeans dismantled and massacre millions of natives in the continent via pillage and plunder. All other where the societal order and governance appears to be horizontal and direct versus the hierarchical model which appears as a pyramid and where a few are given absolute authority to act and decide on behalf of everyone else.


Our society is indeed plagued with these hierarchies everywhere and since they have been normalized to the point that today people see them as harmless and even as an integral part of society despite the great damage and havoc they have and continue to cause. One peculiar thing with regards to the hierarchical model is that it creates a shield to the upper strata making the top immune to prosecutions and responsibility for outcomes despite their so called leadership position. In what pertains to the hierarchical order, impunity is the most damaging of side effects. Typically, our society shifts blame elsewhere to avoid blaming the upper strata or the higher order in a hierarchy. Very seldom is the obvious connection between all forms of authority and abuses made. These hierarchies exist as they relate not only to class struggle but to gender and to labor at the work place. The worst of these instances is the utopian idea of one person one vote when in reality those in the upper strata, the oligarchy, making gigantic campaign contributions through super-pacs, as granted to the oligarchy by the U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United 2010 ruling, will have their interests very well represented before anyone else does. If divide and conquer is the strategic objective then our society has been well divided in many ways quite a while back using the hierarchical model everywhere. The most damaging of these instances takes place when the vast majority of individuals get stripped of their autonomy and power by the upper strata controlling all social decisions. The voting for potential representatives simultaneously implies that the available choices will only be limited to be from the two ruling parties, first. Second, that this representatives will be paid for their campaigns by those who the can afford the political control of society, the upper strata, the despots waging class warfare in the top one percent of society. Most citizens end up with a fantasy for elections at the urns simultaneously voting and electing representatives who will never represent them.


Sexual Harassment Misleading in the Media

Our main stream media is said to report with accuracy to the point of being fair and balanced. If the previous was indeed the manner in which our main stream media reports on radio and television then the first thing we would see is a dialogue format instead of evasive arguments, debate, oratory or discourse reported as news. There is no substance in most reporting made as the format used does not open the door to critical analysis or thinking instead the reports are made in the form of political demagogy. For instance, if a reporter was to ask a politician about crime and why the issue of crime is never properly addressed by politicians then the typical response is something to the lines of: “The American people…” immediately followed by some unrelated sentence such as: “We are a country of laws…” then concluded with a fallacy which will never address the issue: “Therefore we are going to open more prisons and close more schools…and get people to work for five cents an hour making billions for some private corporation…” The masses applaud, an old woman is shown in the audience with a napkin wiping off her tears meanwhile the issue of crime is never addressed and more prisons continue to be opened. At no point does the reporter chase the political crook with critical questions forcing him to admit the system failure.


Even though every cause in the universe is followed by its effect, in our societal dysfunction causes are paired to different effects which in most instances have no relation to the original action. Our system tends to focus on addressing what doesn’t need addressing when an effect is matched with the wrong cause. The talking heads in the tube interview political and social figures in charge of addressing social issues and their proposed solutions are always the wrong effect matching the original cause. Even when it seems as if the right fit or solution has been applied we can still witness the system dysfunction at work. Right now we have a country full of prisons even as prisons have been proven to be the worst tool to address the petty crimes being committed in their vast majority of times by first time nonviolent offenders.


The proper solution is sitting in the living room, there are no jobs and incarcerating bodies for the same amount that those bodies can be put to work is simply a tragedy even as these are the best solutions a hierarchical system can produce. As the country is faced with mass unemployment due to automation, salaries have not matched the cost of living in the U.S. since the early 1980’s; student debt has reached a staggering high at 1.5 trillion dollars and counting. Our privatized healthcare fails to cover more than half of the population and even those covered receive an overpriced and very deficient healthcare also called “The best healthcare in the world…” by political and corporate demagogues. As soon as one penny is said to be spent on the people’s programs politicians and their followers, the masochist mass whose consent has been manufactured, go berserk; however, if trillions are increased on failed proxy wars abroad killing millions of innocent civilians and causing refugees to the yin-yang then no one complains or says a word in the main stream media. Recently, three devastating hurricanes have hit the U.S. due to global warming and the political response was to eliminate the national healthcare, eliminate green renewable energy subsidies and replace them with fossil fuels and pass more tax breaks for billionaires. If this is not a twisted mass pathology scene then what the fuck does a twisted mass pathology scene look like? Meanwhile the main stream media observes and reports mildly on the subjects that matter: Paris Hilton, the Kardashian, or Royal weddings.


Misrepresentation follows another misrepresentation and citizens, whose consent has been manufactured by the same media, applaud political demagogues in the news after giving speeches reinforcing the current failures. Failures translated into more manufactured mass consent. The current women liberation movement has been quite efficient at bringing to light abusers from many different segments of society; U.S. Congress, TV personalities, writers, producers, you name the field and someone has come out identified for sexual harassment violations or even abuse of power or related crimes. Yet the problem will seem to never be properly addressed as many of the actual solutions get lost in translation.


The problem is precisely where society assigns the blame as well as the potential solution. Our mass media discusses sexual harassment as an issue of perpetrators who are mentally ill or someone genetically damaged but never looking at the fact that a person of a lower stratum or what is seen as a lower or weak gender, sexual orientation or even low financial means is simply not able to defend themselves without repercussions such as job loss. Sometimes authority is considered as the reason but never as a direct cause to a consequence but more as an additional element which was just simply present but never the actual cause of it. The assumed egalitarian and equal status of citizens and human beings in our stratified hierarchical social order is in general fallacy in on itself. The great philosopher La France always argued that: “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” La France understood that a stratified society will simply ignore all pleads, needs and claims of the lower strata and will simply benefit the top one percent of oligarchs with all its power.


Sexual Harassment as Hierarchy at Work

It isn’t hard to understand how so many instances of sexual harassment at the work place go unreported. For starters is a good way to lose one’s job under an economy which do not even pay salaries and wages that matched the cost of living. The chain of command is designed to efficient only around certain actions such as the pay of colossal and undeserved bonuses to CEO’s and upper management. The lower stratum gets the short end of the stick as usual and people should be grateful for being given the opportunity to make tons of money for someone else while being properly exploited and abuse by an absurd hierarchical order. Even when there is a proper channel created to address employee concerns and violations such channels are also paid a salary and depend to the one percent above. If the entity doing the oversight is external it can also be eliminated or brought to its most inefficient state via paid political campaigns to the representatives of those being abused. Our society appears to be over regulated in what pertains to all sexually related behaviors including reproduction.


Most of these violations are applied to labor and work as they can lead to social exclusion when they are committed such as the case of birth control requests when the oligarchs feel their sense of morality is being violated by those who use birth control. These same self-righteous hypocrite crooks that refuse to increase all social programs that protect young children. Forcing births because of their alleged love for life then dumping the children in a trash can by denying them their right to a decent life. Such regulations, although fully unnecessary, are demanded by religious zealots and the self-righteous among us. The upper strata in the hierarchical order demands the right to rule as king voyeur and peeping tom when dictating the type of sexual activities and behaviors that are allowed or sanctified by the corporate nanny state between two or more consenting adults. These are the same oligarch authorities who always fail to address the all so real societal ills such as full lack of affordable housing, lack of a functional and dignified healthcare, jobs that do not match the cost of living leading to mass poverty, unemployment, labor and consumer protections, banking and market regulations, immigration reform, a prosecutorial judicial and prison for profit privatized system, etc.


The more than the actual core of social problems is shifted to the insipid and irrelevant behaviors; the more society fails while maintaining the façade of great need for a supposed “moral” upper stratum or people’s “ethical” representatives. The violation of Human and Civil Rights as they relate to privacy and protections from slander are never dignified but made into socially constructed pathologies. These socially constructed pathologies are created when labeling certain human behaviors as deviant or simply not authorized by the upper strata because of their so called immorality. These are technically violations of religious “moral” norms in a country that prides itself for its freedom, religious freedoms among others, these alleged violations that only takes place at closed doors between consenting adults more often than not.


Sexual Harassment as Crime Impunity

Our judicial system is as efficient as every other system controlled by the hierarchical order which means that our judicial system is worthless. For starters in 1982 Ronald Regan, also known as the constipated Horse and Sparrow president, introduced the Federal Sentencing Guidelines which pretty much dictated the defendant’s sentence a priori instead of taking into consideration mitigating circumstances. This catastrophe stripped judges from their role and handed the sentencing portion to the prosecutors, a crime in on itself. The obvious consequence followed the original cause and soon prisons became overpopulated but they were privatized for profit. Mainly minorities went to these prisons at first and even when some Caucasians were incarcerated the number of minorities vastly bypasses the number of Caucasians even today 38 years later.  Today, more than half of the U.S. working force, around 68 million people, have a criminal conviction which prevents them from meaningful employment or licensing in most states.


Since Supply Side Economics started in the early 1980’s, A.K.A. Constipated Horse and Sparrow, the wealth disparity has become more obvious as the years pass and the oligarchs continue to receive more corporate welfare and more tax breaks and with this disparity and lack of meaningful employment also come the disadvantage of depending on a job for just subsisting. Since Neoliberal president Bill Clinton, also a Constipated Horse and Sparrow fan, the economy has deteriorated even more to the point of being at the present brink of collapsing as workers live pay check to paycheck and the entire country is in debt with the exception of the oligarchs or one percent controlling all authority for markets and means of production. Once again the hierarchical structure fails as it always does as it does not represent the involvement or contribution of the whole but just a few. Profits become privatized and debt is socialized leaving the working class tied to necessity and scarcity in the financial sense.


When a human being lives in scarcity then choices disappear and the human being in question must settle for what that person can get which in the current economy is little for the working class living paycheck to paycheck. The abuses become quite popular in all areas of society and along with these abuses is the impunity that is attached to them as abuses of all kinds simply go unnoticed or ignored by the system serving the one percent oligarchs in the upper strata. Once again, the great philosopher Anton La France always argued that: “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor from sleeping under bridges, to begging in the streets, and from stealing bread.” The rich will not have necessities as these are matters that only the lower strata, the working class making all profit possible, have to always face in a hierarchical order.


The Best Protection from Sexual Harassment and a Herd of Elephants in the Room

Human beings must consider the implications of allowing ruling classes of oligarchs do away with their wealth and autonomy. The hierarchical order must be dismantled and fully removed if human beings are to be free once again. Applying patches to a well-known failure such as the hierarchical model is a waste of human progress and creates scarcity, retrogression and much human suffering. Individuals must become a part of the system by having a voice and a vote in all human and world affairs. Choosing an oligarch to do away with their autonomy and the social wealth is not a resemblance of any order but instead is a reflection of retrogression and lack of human civilization. It is essential that first a direct democracy is established by removing the political representatives for the oligarchs. A True Democracy Never has Lobbyists or Special Interests Groups, Super Packs, Campaign Contributors or Managers, Private Interests, Protesters or Civil Disobedience, not even Politicians. Social welfare and social contingencies such as basic income must be implemented along with a hefty safety net as a preamble to automation and the near future. A horizontal democracy, anarchy, must be established in order to safeguard the direct action of each citizen and the elimination of all private entities from the democratic process. No more corporate welfare, war or prison for profit, or anything which goes against the will of the well informed population. A human being can never be free unless this human being is able to choose without external pressures caused by a hierarchical model designed to keep a few parasites on top at the expense of the whole of society.