Constipated Horse & Sparrow: The World After Four Decades of Fallacies, Trickled Down Voodoo Economics AKA Supply Side Economics…

Our economic system is one artificial and socially constructed Frankenstein from hell. Our economic system is predicated upon the idea that as argued by John Maynard Keynes “…Capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of men will do the wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone…” The masses have been sold the idea that our system is not only the most efficient one but the only one that works hence the inability for society to come out of the dystopian trance and mass delusion that has been created in the minds of so many. Just by turning the tube on and watching the news one can get 100 lies in less than 100 seconds. Every sophism on earth from a thriving economy, to low unemployment in a world of 2 million homeless and 12 million empty homes, to the idea that science is trying to fool us into creating a better world with Green Renewable energies instead of the obsolete fossil fuels. The biggest pathology appears to have been normalized and has become main stream to the point of becoming a reality inside a pseudo existence. Our economic system is fully dependent on fiat money just to make the delusion seem a little more real. Money that can easily be manufactured by punching numbers on a keyboard and fully eliminating all misery over the earth yet it is never done as the mas delusion demands that human beings be the only organisms in the universe who must pay to have the right to exist.


Who Creates All Wealth?

Although the idea of wealth creation has been discussed, entertained and asserted as a matter of social benefit; very little is discussed about the fact that the workers are the essential portion of any economic venture. The workers have been asserted as the true wealth creators not only because they are the ones responsible to produce all goods and services for society but also because they are simultaneously the ones responsible to consume these goods and services once they have been brought to market. The idea sold to society and the masses is quite the opposite, people are told that CEO’s are talented individuals who create wealth yet we are still waiting to see the CEO or board of stock holders who can produce goods and services at the pace that workers can and do. The fact that society’s wealth concentration takes place on the upper stratum makes the lower strata, the ninety nine percent, subservient to the upper labor levels as access to resources can only take place via a monetary system, a pseudo system which impregnates society everywhere. The monetary system is also the one responsible for the lack of access to resources by the lower strata.


Twisted and Misrepresented Economics

First, please allow me to apologize on behalf of those who have misrepresented and have made a mockery of that beautiful social science known as economics. Economics is one of the most efficient of sciences, it does require a higher level of planning and this is at the core of good economics. What we experience today when we open the pages of a magazine, web or newspaper article written by a so called “expert in economics” is nothing more than fallacies written in fancy and misleading jargon and nothing more. Economics is indeed quite simple as a science; a true economist identifies needs, calculates how these needs can be met and plans for the best manner so these needs can be delivered by supplying the wanted goods and services. The trickery and manipulation begins with the idea of “supply and demand’ in a world of fully manipulated variables. There is also that underlying implicit criminal offense known as profit. So, it is profits versus human needs and the latter has been losing the battle for quite some time. The birth of economics as a social science is probably more linked to human needs than to profits after all these needs that must be met tend to be reinforcers for human life, may these be primary or even secondary reinforcers. The arena where all these delusions are played out is referred to as the Free Markets; the place where all workers of the world unite to be properly exploited for having the audacity to create all societies wealth, one must keep in mind that no good deed goes unpunished.


The Free Market Fallacy

In order to keep up the façade and the necessity for markets, society engages this public relations routine where advertising and marketing render every human being to their knees while simultaneously royally failing as well as claiming the success of the free markets.  Free Markets cannot exist without the endless corporate welfare (providing free public monies in the form of corporate incentives), tax evasion shelters at home and overseas, and endless rescues reflected in the socialized debt and privatized profits clause. At least 47 major recessions have preceded the 2008 market rescue estimated at the tune of 29 trillion U.S. dollars. The inevitable and begged questions here are: Why would the money makers need rescuing if they are the money makers? Why would the money makers need rescuing with public monies if the private sector is alleged to be more efficient? If you were to turn the TV tube on right now the talking heads inside the tube will enamor you with the greatness and awesomeness of the free markets. Stay asleep and smell the thorns in LaLa land or please wake the fuck up, remember this is a mass delusion, a pathological mass delusion.


The fallacy of Free Markets and other economic inefficiencies begins with a hierarchical system. Ideas such as these, having a hierarchical order in a world of equal and quasi-identical imperfect mortals, were never even entertained much less conceived by the Native cultures around the world. These ideas begin to spread simultaneously along with another set of sophist ideas such as healthy competition, genetic inherited strata, death penalties as panacea to address societal issues, crime and punishment, rule of law, patriotism, racism, fascism, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, divide and conquer, the divine right of rulers, obedience to authority, master race or ethnic group, etc. All of the previous come attached to hierarchy, pillage and plunder being must requirements. Hierarchy alone is the foundation for this long lasting inefficiency but a wider web is needed to reach everyone in society, it is here where some form of monetary system and markets come into place eventually developing from within the hierarchical order. The main premise is that of any other sophism: The ones on top are there because they are somewhat superior in some fashion and if they are proven not to be superior then they are there, at the top ruling over the world its people and all of its resources, because it is their divine right to do so.  If it is not yet clear to you let me then reveal it for you, we are dealing with a delusion, pathology, of the largest mass proportions.


Neoliberalism, the Privatization of the little Inkling of Democracy Left

When we think of Capitalism on steroids we must consider that this is just another shade of Neofeudalism. The latent idea is always to reverse the revolutions by rebuilding a hierarchical world of master and slave and in the best scenario master and serfs. The U.S. went from a period of high taxation to corporations and the wealthy to almost no taxation and in many instances negative taxation after the Neoliberal incursions of Ronald Reagan policies in the early 1980’s. The idea is to privatize all property and eliminate all public institutions doing away with the little inkling of democracy left as the people have some voice and say with regards to public institutions but never with private institutions as these are 100% despotic and tyrannical in nature. Debt is also a big feature with these present policies as all persons must live off debt, endless and permanent debt as not to allow anyone within the working class to breathe one ounce of relief with regards to the economy. Authority must supersede all autonomy and authority is concentrated in the upper strata. Initial signs of neoliberalism were laid in the late 1960’s and early 1970s, then with the Jimmy Carter presidency as it followed deregulation of the trucking, banking, and airline activities.


This tendency continued into the 1980’s with Reagan which included lowering taxation for businesses and corporations including banking as well as heavy increases with regards to defense spending, while pushing for financial deregulation and trade deficit expansion under the idea that government was the problem. Also, ideas from supply-side economics were engaged by the Democrats in the 1970’s ending with the Joint Economic Committee report where they said to “Plugging in the Supply Side.” This stayed with the Reagan administration as well as with Congress following Reagan’s elementary application and cutting federal income taxes across the board by 25% in early 1980’s. Starving the beast meant not to charge taxes so the public institutions would be decimated and eliminated forced into privatization.


A Rich Environment Full of People Living in Scarcity

The fact is that the vast majority of human beings in the world live in areas of abundance of resources; these vast majority of beings over the earth simultaneously live under extreme scarcity of resources. One manner engaged by the parasitic system to hoard resources is the monetary system which creates an unfair redistribution of wealth from the beginning of its implementation. The monetary system is a fraud from its inception and it relies on either the imaginary value of fiat money or the inflation within the economic system or the devaluation of the monetary delusion in the form of a fiat currency. For most laypeople the monetary system is a necessary evil yet they fail to see that the only thing that is truth about the monetary system is that it is anything but necessary. Products were created and shared over the planet without the need to exchange precious metals or currency of any kind before the European hierarchical expansions over the earth. Furthermore, products can be generated without attaching any monetary value as the earth resources belong to the organisms living in the areas where the products are generated. The need for fiat make believe pieces of paper, which are meaningless in a real human natural catastrophe, as these cannot do anything except to serve as a manipulator of resources making them scarce by the intentional lack of currency in circulation. Humanity lives under a spell, a delusion, that the money being fabricated at will at a printing press somewhere and without even the backing of a precious metal has any value. Humans live and die due to a figment of their imagination, a delusion making the pathological human hierarchies pale in comparison. Scarcity is not only created by the hierarchical system but it is also socially perpetuated by the same system when even hierarchies can be created based on a delusion, such as currency in any monetary system. If you wish to expand this concept and understand it thoroughly then follow the video link here.


The Issue of Supply and Demand

The easiest way to assess the amount of supply necessary to satisfy a good or service needed is to look at the demand of the same good or service. Because the idea is to create scarcity and limit product acquisition so the good and services prices can be manipulated, then microeconomics has deviated the definition of supply and demand to mean something else. Under microeconomics, supply and demand are simply factors to help determine the market price of a product. The present microeconomics approach states that in a necessary (actual unnecessary) market of competition for a goods or services will dictate the price of the good or service in question, or other traded item such as labor or liquid financial assets, will vary until it stabilizes at a point where the quantity demanded, at the present monopolized and manipulated price, will equal the quantity supplied, at the present price, resulting in an economic equilibrium for price and quantity handled. In the real world of economics, products and services can be manufactured, created and delivered, based on demand without having to sacrifice dealing with scarcity or even monopolies which repress the access to the product and other manipulative actions in order to increase either price or demand.


If the Goal is the Manipulation of Resources then Greed is Good. However, Scarcity is even Worse…

One of the main causes of poverty and scarcity in our society is the monetary system. Even when goods appear to be available and going rotten on a shelve, such as in a supermarket, if you do not have monetary means to acquire them these products will simply go to waste. If you take any of the product and leave without paying, with fiat pieces of paper on a make believe faithful manner, then you will be incarcerated for violating a law. Scarcity is all around us even as products could potentially be abundant all around us. One key manipulator of access to resources is the monetary system as it restricts access to products most of which are essential even for human survival, food for instance. The general predicate is that individuals sell their labor, as if their labor was a detached thing from the body of the worker, then the worker is able to accumulate enough money to survive. However, we must make a stop here to consider that the current minimum wage is $7.25 per hour in most states even as the cost of living can easily reach the required $33 dollars an hour in most metropolitan areas. Most workers do not even make ends meet with the current minimum wage yet there are those free market enthusiasts who want this minimum wage to be eliminated so if employers decide to pay the worker even less than the minimum wage that  would be okay. The previous social common precept challenges all known logic, math and common sense in the entire universe and adjacent areas, yet most manufactured consent among citizens dictate such idiocy to be okay. The previous is part of the irrational byproduct of having a hierarchical system.  The monetary system itself is a hierarchical system as it reinforces a hierarchical order. Besides the huge scarcity created by having a parasitic monetary system individuals must also deal with lack of employment. Individuals are said to be free but such freedom is nowhere to be found. Even if work was found when will an individual be able to do what he or she enjoyed doing? Never, because such option to have choices is only available for the parasitic upper strata, the oligarchs among the one percent who hoard and control all power and resources in society while the suffrage system gives citizens the illusion of choice when voting.

Editorial Cartoon
Editorial Cartoon

The State of the Socially Constructed Scarcity

During the last Free Market fiasco in 2008 corporations got rescued at the tune of 29 trillion U.S. dollars in the U.S. alone. The present administration, led by another oligarch and apprentice in chief, wants to privatize the public government in order to restore feudalism or a period close to prior to the Enlightenment period. Currently efforts are on the way by the conservative congress to eliminate most taxation for corporations and parasites on the upper strata. The previous would only lead to a bigger deficit plus the elimination of all social services in a world that is hemorrhaging jobs due to automation and structural changes in the economy. Without social services such as food stamps and subsidized housing the little microscopic safety net would simply cease to exist setting the state for more blatant exploitation and abuses of all sort. Another set of efforts are aimed at destroying and polluting the little environmental resources left as this has the potential to generate a little profit  for the one percent strata above without incurring in any type of responsibility as well as under full impunity. Wars have generated millions of refuges but the countries engaging war for profit, they all are, are quite reluctant to assume any responsibility so they shift their responsibility to other countries and each of the bombing parties involved refuses to take in any refuges. Since the upper strata is fully immune to prosecution with their impunity hierarchical shield, prisons must be filled with cheap labor.


The current state of individuals with criminal record convictions in the U.S. is close to sixty eight million and counting, more than half of the current available working class already has a criminal record. The previous is just another barrier for employment besides not having jobs available and not even making ends meet with the current fictional wages from hell.  The global warming aftermath is beginning to show in the form of earthquakes and hurricanes of high intensity and the impunity used for everything else applies, countries causing carbon pollution do not want to fess up to their responsibility.


Toxic assets in the form of risky mortgages left millions of citizens living in the streets and homeless under a really bad economy afterwards. The nanny state did what it does best, rescued the parasites that caused the problem, the banks and corporations and left the tax payers with the bill as well as homeless. In 1996 Bill Clinton passed contract with America and privatized most of available student aid and now we have 1.5 trillion in debt and students graduating to an economy without jobs while they hold the debt, Fannie Mae one of the student loan holders was rescued at the tune of 3.2 trillion dollars for overpaying their CEO’s bonuses. The students are yet to be rescued because the politicians say that rescuing the people with their own money is communism and it will cripple the economy.  Besides the previous and despite the worsening of the economy for the labor class but otherwise Free markets are doing just peachy.


A Constipated Horse that will not Trickle down Anything: No Taxation with Full Representation

The irrational idea that a Nanny State will be sustained without taxation comes from the idea of massive wealth redistribution where taxation is no longer needed to sustain the corporate welfare. Debt accumulation has become astronomical reaching amounts described in the 700 trillion worldwide by Bloomberg. The current system is fully obsolete and a calamity waiting to happen. The poverty created in the U.S. alone is overwhelming to the working class in the worst of times now that automation is knocking on the door of humanity and millions of jobs will be lost forever despite fallacious claims of job creation. This looks like a remake of feudalism hence the term used to describe the current economic state of the world with massive serf creation. Endless wars for profit have also created a large number of refugees in the millions and these will be added to those created by climate change alone. There is no rational or even logical claim that can be made to defend the present state of the planet and its pathological hierarchical model.


Peter Joseph from the Zeitgeist Movement makes a great case with his lecture on “Social Pathology.” Also available on video: