Taxation in the Land of the Brave Slaves who Think They Are Free


Taxation in the Land of the Brave Slaves who Think that They Are Free


Oligarch’s Historical Reference

When looking at the main stream media and the ideas which are promulgated upon the masses it isn’t hard to see how the most aberrant behaviors and policies are perpetuated in society. Most media outlets exist as part of conglomerates of corporations as these belong to other corporations and they will only promote their financial interests keeping the status quo intact. The more things change the more they stay the same. Change is only an illusion if it is predicated upon instances when the system mutates into another version of itself. The character called the Merovingian in the film the Matrix clearly asserts that: “…Choice is an illusion, created between those with power and those without…”  When we consider the possibility of actual change we must also consider that very little can possibly change when the entire social system is dependent on a set of hierarchies. These set of hierarchies have full control of all social order beginning with the monetary system which appears in some historical context about four millennia in the area of the Mesopotamia. The monetary system is an illusion as it transfers power from the many to the few who own the wealth.


Hierarchies did not start with the monetary system alone and they can be traced back to the handing of power from the whole to the few, to kings and monarchs, something quite alien to the egalitarian humanity which appears to have existed with the majority of cultures until hierarchical orders appeared around fifteen millennia right after the last glacial era and also linked to the Indo-European language migration. We have also seen how egalitarian and horizontally ruled communities were in the writing of historian Howard Zinn for instance in his book “The other History of the United States” where Zinn uses the journals and diaries and historical records of the bile colonizers coming to the new world to cause havoc, massacring over eighty million natives in the entire American continent with their pillage and plunder hierarchical orders.


When any of these hierarchical systems takes hold of a society the first thing to go out the window is the power of the majority going from a horizontal rule to a pyramid scheme pathology from hell in the hierarchical order. Power is given to an unaccountable tyranny when the power of the whole becomes the power of a few over others in the upper strata of the pyramid scheme. This power has managed to self-perpetuate for millennia and it has become so normalized that most humans believe they need a leader to make decisions for them instead of them making their own decisions. Let’s not forget what the absolute loss of autonomy in a human being looks like next time we see poverty and scarcity in any fashion.


So if autonomy is ever to be returned to its righteous owners, the individual, then it must be repossessed by the collective of individuals. These collective lost their autonomy and has no present power beyond an illusion. An autonomy that was lost due to fact of never being able to be free, in a world of despotism and tyranny. The despotism and tyranny which is guided by hierarchically manufactured social orders. Hierarchies can only slave humanity. We must also remember that this wealth is always created by the majority, the workers, so we are also dealing with a parasitic entity which usurps the power from the many to the few controlling this wealth in the form of a monetary system. Our human society appears to have made a switch from collectivism to individualism upon the appearance of these hierarchical orders in the historical context as stated above.


Worker Surplus in a World of Starving Beasts Bureaucrats Running on a Vicious Cycle

The hierarchical system behaves like a virus or fungus when reassembling the previous dysfunction. Pathological organisms carry information and they never die, they are like an ideology on steroids which metamorphoses from death to life by simply activating its information core. Viruses or fungi never truly die as they are mainly information. The only way to destroy a virus or fungus completely is by burning its DNA. Can humanity revert to a time when hierarchical systems did not rule the earth and were not normalized as they are today? As it is today the pathology continues to attempt and have successfully reassembled many times. From the dark ages to the Feudal period, the idea is to create a world of master and servant or that of Masters and slaves at best. In today’s corporate world the worker making all wealth possible is not more autonomous than a slave was during the slave period or a serf was during the Feudal period. The absolute lack of democracy characterizes this pathology.


Today, the Corporation resembles the feudal castle and its structure even more to the point of being referred to as the Neofeudalism era. Many Key features take place here, for starters the idea is to always remove any inkling of autonomy and to do this the idea is to dismantle the safety net systems by eliminating taxation to the upper class causing this to starve the PUBLIC government. Reaganomics clearly referred to this as starving the beast and these days the neofascist government, the apprentice’s in chief government, has managed to pass tax reform for this purpose alone. To starve the beast that fights the oligarchy, the PUBLIC government which may sustain the safety net and some freedom and autonomy for the workers, the system dismantles the PUBLIC apparatus by referring to it as a beast first, vilifying it then eliminating funding so it succumbs to the oligarch rulers. Once dismantled deregulation to the oligarchy reigns while PUBLIC citizens become prosecuted for the smallest of offenses in clear class warfare. The market crash of 2008 required a twenty nine trillion bail out to banks and corporations, the oligarchs, in the U.S. alone; there were no prosecutions for the market crash as the oligarchs are vested with full impunity in a hierarchical order.


Meanwhile, the working class has seen their prison population increase by tenfold during the past 30 years mainly among the poorest and minorities. The hierarchical model repeats itself like a vicious cycle, over and over again. The oligarchs respond to no one as they are vested with full impunity within the hierarchical order. If we had an inkling of democracy not only would there be prisons full of oligarchs but we already had built a hefty safety net who truly cares for the workers instead of endless tax evasion and wealth redistribution from the bottom to the top of the pyramid scheme.


One important issue never addressed or even discussed by the masses is the fact that all wealth is created by the vast majority of workers who happens to belong to lower strata in the hierarchical order. This is a forbidden topic that can never and should never be discussed by anyone in society much less by the main stream media. These authentic wealth creators never get to manage or even to participate in the wealth that they create as all decision making as well as profits go to the upper strata, the oligarch’s class. This is a major elephant in the room yet it these issues are never discussed to the point of bringing light to a fifteen millennia problem. To make matters even worse, the working class strata is currently not even making salaries or even wages which reflect what the cost of living is, making the working class unable to even make ends meet. The workers’ surplus comes from this idea of labor fairness because it is never discuss either.


The fact that after getting a wage or salary the wealth created is substantial yet it never reaches the workers and it is simply accumulated and managed by the upper strata which is not producing anything except for the fallacy of claiming that CEO’s are talented in a world where no CEO could do ten percent of the work that the majority does. We must also consider the extremely poor management of resources since the U.S. has had at least 54 recession periods and at least three major depressions since its inception. All of the previous havoc caused by the mismanagement of resources at the corporate level by the talented CEO’s who happen to also be showered with endless corporate welfare and subsidies, tax breaks and any other unnecessary contribution that could receive for their failures. Our society thrives on privatized gains at the expense of socialized debt and failures. Needless to say the workers simply have no autonomy because beggars cannot be choosers. The great working class does not even have a vote or even voice regarding society’s decisions beyond a mere delusion of democracy. Individual’s autonomy is just an implicit delusion in our society.


The Basic Socio-Political Premises on Tyrannical Foundations

Some basic premises are predicated upon the masses by the hierarchical order controlling all resources on earth. Amongst these premises are, the welfare of humanity, the advancement of humanity, the betterment of humanity, etc. The Free market fantasies system and its monetary arm promise to exalt human kind from the dirt and into a better world and a better life. Nothing can be farther away from the truth as the hierarchical system premises. Despite so much public relations and white washes, the hierarchical system ruling humanity is fully obsolete because of so many reasons starting from the creation of scarcity where there is only abundance and culminating in the upcoming mass sixth extinction while having planned obsolescence and massive waste of resources right in the middle of this system’s core.


The main reason for the dysfunction is that all species appeared to have been designed for all individuals to contribute in a collective manner leading to either their progress or demise. The sole concept of homeostasis does reveal a balance amongst most organisms on earth; this balance which has never been achieved in nature or even amongst human endeavors since the appearance of the hierarchical model on earth, 15 millennia ago or before. Resources are used without any planning to their replacement as Native cultures did. The voice and vote of the vast majority is wasted as it is never utilized since the oligarchs seem to have a fixated infatuation to control. The power of the majority is usurped by the minority on the upper stratum. The hierarchical model is indeed the most threatening pathogen to the human species.


Poverty in America Documentary 2017:

The feudal structure had an absolute monarch and his court. The feudal lord practically owned everything and could kill rape and plunder over his land and people at will. The serf were serfs because they had no way to move out of poverty as the monarchy transferred the power from generation to generation without the possibility for a peasant to be anything else but a servant to the feudal lord and his court. Under the current state and corporate structure an almost identical behavior takes place as there is no democracy at the work place in a corporation. Furthermore, the workers cannot inherit any wealth from their workplace and the inheritance goes to the owner of the corporation or new feudal castle. The corporate owner in an absolute in what pertains to decisions at the work place and can hire and fire at will without any consequences. The nanny state is ran with the sole purpose of protecting the so called free markets. All that society does is to give public relations to the masses in a make believe democratic suffrage process while simultaneously only looking out for the welfare of the corporations. Our society thrives on socialized public debt while the profits are appropriated by the top one percent in a clearly covert transfer of wealth that takes place daily in the form of tax evasion and corporate welfare hidden as corporate subsidies.


The Slave Owner’s Monetary System

The monetary system is on itself a delusion. Money means the assignment of value to pieces of paper without any real value. Taxing the delusion is quite backwards when it comes to the oligarchs as the hierarchical model within the monetary system should not exist. Now, taxing the delusion among the poor making all wealth possible is just a deranged act of inconceivable proportions and without any rationale. Capitalism is by far the largest assembled hierarchic order in our society. The division between rich and poor under capitalism is quite alarming these days to the point that the first eight richest persons own more wealth than half of the entire planet. The monetary system is in great part involved with the greatest inequality this planet has ever seen.


Not all human wealth involves the monetary system yet the monetary system is the main tool for the enslaving of humanity and mainly of those who work for a living, the labor strata or class, the lower casts. We must take into consideration that humans are the only organisms who must pay to just have the right to exist over the earth. Without money, fiat monopoly money, human beings simply cannot pay to acquire a roof over their heads and a hot meal on their tables. The monetary system is a delusion real enough to kill anyone who fails to acquire it. Money is never acquired because of working effort or because of ingenuity or because of any other reason than being given access to its acquisition via slave labor or corporate welfare of some sort. To make this monetary delusion a little more real there is even a great effort to make sure that money itself cannot be forfeited or falsified in any fashion, Listen: Like Magic: The Tech That Goes Into Making Money Harder To Fake. Our mentally ill humanity now wants to make sure that the delusion is more real than ever before; or At least while humanity continues to live under the burden of despots and bigots in the most tragic of all acts, the hierarchical order itself.


The hierarchical system recreates itself as it sees that it fits the mass manipulation, the manufactured consent. Facades and labels have become irrelevant in a world that fails all forms of accurate conceptualization. Whatever the hierarchical system appears to be is always a remake of the previous system seeking to reassemble itself. Master and slave is the gold standard, very few above and many serfs bellow is the ideal. In order to reach such levels of dysfunction while being not only tolerated by the mass but also supported by the mass in the most successful Stockholm syndrome ever applied to the population via the always popular manufactured consent. bait-and-switch

The system also produces layers of self protection if any layer fails because the slaves revolt then what is next is not that different from what was previously there, one get the options which are just colored shades of the same identical color: Capitalism, Neoliberalism, U.S. Libertarianism, Neo-conservatism, and other Fallacies to Choose From. The failed revolutions of the 19th and 20th century were just a reflection of these options being misrepresented as something else, being wrongfully conceptualized.  Socialism, communism in the form of state capitalism did not deliver us closer to the liberation from the hierarchical order more than politicians representing the system would. The hierarchical order will not allow any other form of order over the earth while it exists so those who seek actual and real change must consider its full blown eradication.


The highly Praised Obsolete System viewed under the light of its own Results

It is fully unknown when the private property accumulation became a problem over the earth. We do know that upon arrival of European settlers to the new world, to the American continent, as well as Africa and even other parts of the world such as the Asian islands, humans were quite focused on collective ownership of earth resources. The Native Americans did not think of owning a river or land or anything that could be considered wealth that belonged to the collective. Europeans however, and due to their despotic hierarchical feudal order at the time, seemed quite normalized to the idea of one owner and many servants. Life was a brutal and short lasting endeavor in Europe during the known history of the continent. Mainly because individuals had to depend on the feudal lord or the castle governance whether for protection or for exploitation. The feudal lord owned it all directly or indirectly. So, who was the first person to claim ownership of anything on earth?


The Social Contract by Rousseau claims that: “The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said “This is mine,” and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars, and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows: Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.”


Paying for Having Just the Right to Exist

The earth provides all resources necessary as well as in abundance for all organisms to find homeostasis as happiness and beyond mere survival. The current system fails to even meet the survival portion much less a happy existence for any organism in the lower strata. The artificial powers that rule the planet today have taken, hoarded, these resources in order to mass control the population into submission to authority. All resources become scarce to an extend that the only way to access these resources can be trading resources for obedience via a monetary system or other hierarchical means.  The system imposes scarcity forcing obedience instead of abundance, the same abundance which would lead to autonomy, freedom.

All other organism become deprived from resources as well since the full lack of accountability by the corporate masters leads to the pollution of the earth making these resources even less available along with an uninhabited environment due to pollution. Whenever you hear about the sixth mass extinction period that we have already entered you must keep in mind that the Human species is amongst the organisms which may not survive or barely survives in a century from now. You must not forget to thank the for profit oligarchy and the hierarchical system for this extinction. Humans are the only organisms which are unable to shed the fallacy of superiority and inferiority created amongst the lesser mortals. It is indeed a world upside down where bigotry, tyranny and despotism rule each day under the facade of being freedom.


The artificial reality created to continue to maintain the parasitic class above and in power has led to today’s world and the masses want more of it as this is the consent which has been manufactured in them since the days of Edward Bernays’ Propaganda in the early 20th century. The broken balance in the environment, in the ecosystem, is actually very seldom discussed anywhere in Trump’s mass media. In fact, the persons appointed by the apprentice in chief will create more of a problem as there is more aim at polluting, pillage and plunder. The 1% does rejoice and so do the masochists in the ill inform the crowd of indolent voters who cheer the events that will lead to their extinction, so what is wrong with hierarchical systems? If you don’t know the answer to the previous question then it is time for some radical self-sincere reflection in the mirror.


Neoliberalism: Workers Taxation without Representation

The fact that the workers are the ones producing all wealth, wealth they never manage or even possess, is what leads the upper stratum to keep and managed the redistributed wealth created by the workers. Such wealth is redistributed by not taxing the oligarchy, the upper strata usurping the people’s power as well as stealing their wealth. Therefore taxation must be high and heavy on the oligarch’s side in an attempt to recover the stolen wealth. This is how marginal taxation reached 94% during the post Great Depression period in the U.S. as well as Europe. So, the workers who created the wealth get to keep or at least enjoy some of the wealth created in the form of social programs which are NOT privatized and free of charge. The presently applied neoliberalism not only redistributes the wealth upwards to the oligarchy but it also socializes the debt created by the oligarchy when this debt is socialized. To make matters worse the idea of public services free of charge are also privatized and imposed a fee for services which causes another form of wealth redistribution to the top.


What is a Direct and Potential Solution?

Return the control of the wealth created as well as all earth resources to the People by declaring all resources over the earth the patrimony of humanity as a whole instead of a few parasitic mega conglomerates corporate monopolies controlled by a hand full of individuals amongst the oligarchs. Create a HORIZONTAL form of governance beginning from the grown up and impacting all earth resources in a renewable resources and Green Energy Renewable manner which contributes to the ecological balance of the planet instead of the upcoming sixth extinction. Creating workers’ own cooperatives can be the building stone of this endeavor. Bring democracy to the work place in a tangible realistic fashion instead of the pseudo-democracy we currently experience under the despotism of the hierarchical rulers.

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