With Great Power Always Comes Great Despotism


Our society is filled with individuals who behave in accordance to the hierarchical rules of our present construct, our artificial and socially constructed social nightmare made into reality. What we are as a human species depends of how much of the original organic structure remains. In an organic human structure, a primitive society, we may find that the horizontal rule superseded the desires of any individual. We would also find individuals with a voice and a vote and full vested autonomy. However, we must also assert that such individual enjoyed having personal autonomy despite having to submit to the welfare of the collective. Our society is far from the days of full autonomy, we live under the rule of a hierarchical order and the despotism of power. These organic ideas have been corrupted to a point of confusion in our present society which is ruled more like the George Orwell 1984 book. Ideas have been re-conceptualized to the point that slavery is now viewed as freedom. Power in particular, power being the ability of an individual or group to assert control and influence over others, is usurped from the individual and sent to the top strata inside our hierarchy.

As one descends from the top strata in the hierarchy, which contains all power and autonomy today, one also loses power to the point of becoming a modern day slave. Power in our present society is asserted in an artificial and despotic manner as all power is intrinsically despotic. Power in our society is abdicated via the hierarchical model. Forget the fact that power always corrupts and absolutely corrupts; power itself is pathological if extended outside of the realm of the self. This pathology called power is implemented via any of the many social hierarchies by maintaining control over others for personal gains. Power can only be dismantled by eliminating the hierarchical order and returning social order to a horizontal rule where each imperfect mortal behaves according to their flawed condition.  Human autonomy, once restored out of a hierarchy, it provides more than a voice and vote for each disenfranchised and powerless human on the lower strata of the hierarchy; it also provides a much needed independent view point of the world and a shoulder to alleviate the load of an evolving species.


The Dunbar Number and the Hierarchical Pathology

The Dunbar number is a proposition regarding the most adequate manner to group human beings in order to maintain group cohesiveness. The Dunbar number has been proposed to be from 120 to a maximum of 160 persons within a group. The hierarchical model in our society fully disregards this fact and creates its own structure which always ends up being fertile ground for more pathologies. The Dunbar number must be considered in more detail and contrasted to our current artificial grouping of society. The oligarchy or top strata in the hierarchical order groups individuals in a random and arbitrary manner disregarding our organic roots. Our artificially created large group associations lead to many pathologies within the species. There are no better and lesser humans in the species. Hierarchy is a pathology which places some on top of others in an arbitrary and despotic fashion while simultaneously leaving all power accumulation at the upper stratum of the hierarchy while many remain powerless at the bottom.

Much is lost in society due to this stratified pathology. There are only those who have access to resources and those who don’t have such access. There are only those who get fully educated and are born and raised under privilege and others who don’t. Human beings are not meant to be created equal in the sense that it is misunderstood in our society. Human beings are biologically and ethnically created in a diverse manner and like a retrovirus this is done intentionally by nature. Humanity needs different points of view and nature accomplishes this by creating humans who are not identical to one another but who perceive the world differently and who provide different viewpoints by their intrinsic reality. Human beings are created by nature to work in synergy. Such synergy is never achieved due to the hierarchical pathology and the havoc that follows by the loss of autonomy that occurs by placing one human under the rule of another. Yes, (1+1=2) when (2) is the desired consensus and (1+1) is the proposed question. The idea of diversity within population gene pools is not aimed at learning the same or seeing the world the same but to arrive at a similar or close to similar truths from different viewpoints. Even though absolute truth is never possible to be achieved by imperfect mortals the fact is that despite differences truths can be achieved in a close fashion to one another. The top of the hierarchy, being a concentrated pathology, does not create its own truth although it claims it does. Such created fallacies and sophisms are never verifiable nor are they reliable hence the rejection of all actual science such as the case of global warming and many other fields such as economics.

Authority, Science and the Acquisition of Knowledge


Authority is another stratum within the pathology of hierarchy. Authority must first demonstrate its validity not by stratum but by its ability to act within the realm such authority is being executed. Authority is sometimes legitimate depending on its place and execution. Authority, as the right to exercise power within a certain realm, can come from acquired knowledge such as the case of a pilot of a jet liner for instance. Authority can also be legitimate if a person demonstrates enough skills to teach a particular subject or to perform a specific action such as a medical surgeon being able to skillfully operate on someone. When this form of power, authority, is accepted as legitimate, such power must come from acquired knowledge that has been filtered typically through science’s falsifiable, validity and reliability filters. Science being the one storing and organizing knowledge can become an antidote for illegitimate power within a hierarchy. However, science also gets hijacked and becomes fallacious when turning into a pseudo-science such as the global warming climate deniers.


Autonomy as the Cure for Despotism

Despite popular beliefs and false claims our society is one of full blown serfdom. Our society is one full of cogs in the machine, servants to the machine, where the machine is better exemplified by the hierarchical model and the top stratum is the one which usurps all single power leaving individuals without autonomy. Despotism is intrinsic to all hierarchical models hence the hierarchical despot’s fear of individual autonomy. Our social structure is one gigantic web of hierarchies forever slaving individuals by removing their ability to being autonomous beings. Our social structure is sold as one ideal dysfunction and the way things ought to be, reality is quite far from it. All human beings arrived to this planet full of resources and such resources are drastically and arbitrarily rationed forcing individuals to pay to just have the right to exist. It is here, in the having to acquire primary reinforcers, where most human beings lose their autonomy. If you don’t pay to exist then you die; shelter, food. Healthcare, education, etc. they must all be acquired in order to exist yet its acquisition requires the surrendering of one’s autonomy and freedom and the entering of serfdom servitude to the upper strata in the hierarchy. Beyond having to devote all hours of your day time to forced labor, you must also surrender your voice and your vote to the tantrums of the hierarchy having to vow and kneel to a system that kills not only your autonomy and power but the human spirit as whole. This isn’t living this is dying one day at the time, waiting to get ill or unable to work to fall even deeper into debt and servitude, our society knows this as “individual freedom” and the masochists among us praise the system that slaves them. Without autonomy an individual is less than a zero to the left in societal standards; without autonomy individuals lose more than their voice and their vote but their power to choose their destiny whichever this may be.


Public versus Private, the Hierarchy Falls Apart

The hierarchical model is so pervasive that it inundates every corner of society. The hierarchical model also recreates itself in the form of the common good by misrepresenting the goals of private entities within the top strata. Our society is indeed divided into public and private to some degree. The only conceivable private entity over a century ago was the Public Citizen but today the private corporation on the form of a castle, another hierarchy, has taken identity of what private means. Corporations are now people and with this concept also come the granting of human rights to the unaccountable tyranny, the corporate structure, another despotic hierarchy. Today, the private sector now has a seat on the welfare of humanity even though its means do not justify the ends and vice versa. Private entities exist as another form of social control and the theft of power from individuals to the one percent oligarchic stratum above.  Our society must make an effort to reclaim and repossess the concept of Public Welfare and Public Good, the collective, so that each individual is granted rights within the whole, societal groups and the community excluding private entities as known today.